EEVEE Launches Free App to Help Track EV Charging Expenses to the Last Cent

It would seem as if the electrification of all things mobile is something that cannot be stopped. But with the electrification of vehicles come all sorts of issues. One is tracking your expenses. Well, EEVEE may just have the answer.
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So you’ve bought yourself an EV. All is good in the world, but you’re having trouble tracking how much you’re spending at all these charging stations. Or maybe you’ve just launched the newest EV fleet in your city. Whatever your level of implication in the electric vehicle industry, EEVEE promises to help you keep an eye on your finances.

Here’s the thing, many folks buying EVs have one problem: it’s a downright pain to track your expenses. So to help make your life a bit easier, EEVEE has been working on an app that promises to help you track, record, monitor, and even share your charging needs and costs with the proper folks. Don’t worry, the proper folks are teams like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Peugeot, and a growing list of other major automotive players. Why do all these companies back a charge tracking app? It's that good.

So what is this wonder app, and why is it so praised? Well, EEVEE states that its goal is to create a product that can be used daily and help feed the expansion towards a greener and zero-emissions future. Funny how a press release was made just in time for Earth Day; timing, people, it's all about timing. Founded in 2019, and finally launching their system in October 2020, they’ve already analyzed over €4,000,000 ($4,801,240 at current exchange rates) of EV charging costs.

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Laying it all out on the table is EEVEE founder, Steffen Brans. “We are electric car enthusiasts and we want to help accelerate the adoption of EVs by giving owners the full story on how much it’s costing them to charge and run. The increasing number of charging solutions, cards and rates makes it hard for EV owners to keep track of how much they are spending, with multiple data sources for charge costs if they use different charging networks,” he explains.

If you feel like grabbing yourself one of these apps and start managing your funds, guess what, it’s free. That’s right, open your App Store or Google Play and download the app. Don’t worry, EEVVEE users retain full control over their data as the app uses the most current and up-to-date security systems, permissions, connections and is even GDPR compliant.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply turn it on, and it will connect to your vehicles internal system without any extra trips to a shop or dealer. No wires, no cables, nothing more is needed. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to view details like the price it’s costing you to charge from whatever station you’re using, how many kilowatt-hours you’ve used, and your real-time running total.

You’ll also be able to track how much you’re paying per mile or kilometer and even the average cost per kilowatt-hour. You can even see the charge level on your car and other details you may need.

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Another feature of the app is it can be used as an electronic fuel card for companies and EV drivers alike. Being able to pay, track, and evaluate your spending needs instantly is a plus no matter who you are or what you’re driving, assuming you’re looking to make a few million in this lifetime.

Think of the business applications. No longer do owners and companies need to rely on costly third parties to get their finances in order, no matter the number of vehicles. The EEVEE team offers fleet managing solutions to make everything as easy as if you owned only one EV. Even payments and reimbursements are automatic.

Look, I'm not saying that this is the last app you’ll ever download, but if you run an EV, you know how difficult it can be to manage all your costs effectively. This is just going to make it a bit easier. For one, I'd investigate solar electrification as I don’t see how that could be costing any cash in the first place.

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