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Porsche Is Taking Charge in the EV World with a Behemoth Charging Station
Porsche Month is all about...Like we even have to continue that phrase. But Porsche isn’t just about the car. Their heritage, design, and lifestyle beliefs reach far beyond just cars. This time, they show us what they can offer to the EV game.

Porsche Is Taking Charge in the EV World with a Behemoth Charging Station

Porsche Mobile Charging UnitPorsche Mobile Charging UnitPorsche Mobile Charging UnitPorsche Mobile Charging UnitPorsche TaycanPorsche TaycanPorsche TaycanPorsche TaycanPorsche TaycanPorsche TaycanPorsche Taycan
Porsche has recently made an announcement to a new addition to their EV fleet, but it’s not a car. This time we are offered a mobile charging unit capable of Tesla-like feats. But before we get there, we need to understand who and what it’s for.

Whether you like it or not, the Taycan has been adopted as one of the essential vehicles in the Porsche line-up. We know, we know. But let's not talk about that right now. For now let's just keep it simple.

Porsche is a vehicle made for driving fun and that seems fitting. But the issue at hand for performance EVs is that not enough tracks offer a charging service. And if they did, think about how difficult it would be to offer a charging station for Tesla, one for BMW, one for Ford, one for Benz, one for Toyota, one for... you get the idea.

So, Porsche’s ingenious solution is to bypass all that. How? With a ginormous semi-trailer battery, or rather batteries. A few days ago, while at the Hungaroring in Budapest, Porsche offered, through “Soul on Track,” the ability to test the new Taycans on the track. But when you’re looking through 30 or so EVs on a circuit for potential customers, you need to make sure you can give them all the full EV experience.

So charging theses EVs to full power for the next potential customer was the main hurdle in successfully completing the event, but Porsche was ready for it. With the help of a German company ADS-TEC, Porsche was able to produce seven mobile charging units to meet the need of the event. But we feel it’s going to be more than that, so much more.

To understand what it is we’re looking at, we need to mention that this trailer is only for charging, period. An out-of-this-world power rating of 3.2 MW allows this, this thing, to charge ten Taycans side by side. 10! Coupled with a battery buffer storage unit, the trailer can recharge 30 Taycans until needing to be replenished.

That’s not all. This charging unit can replenish its own batteries from renewable power grids. For example, they were used during a three-week Porsche event in Portugal, where recharging for the units was sourced to nearby solar systems. In optimum conditions each trailer requires only four hours to be back in business.

Another huge advantage of this sort of unit is its mobility. Because it can simply be hitched behind a semi, it allows the Taycan, and any other EVs Porsche can think of, to be taken and tested absolutely anywhere. Imagine the next James Bond Movie with a Taycan all around in some arctic setting.

Honestly, with this sort of technology, the possibilities for enjoying your EV driving seem to be endless. Plus, it won’t be too long now until Porsche and other larger manufacturers figure out a way to make this technology smaller and more accessible to the common man.


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