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Making Fun of EV Owners: What Is ICE-ing?

At the highest levels of government and corporate affairs, behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny, there’s probably a great big battle going on between supporters of electric vehicles and those with interest in making and selling combustion fuel just as before.
This guy even pretends to be charging his truck 1 photo
By what we can gather from what’s going on in the auto industry and judging by the great deal of plans announced this year by auto groups to go electric by the middle of the next decade, green semms to be winning.

Luckily, ordinary people seem to have accepted and even embraced this new form of motoring, as electric vehicles generate a level of enthusiasm not often seen when it comes to cars. Perhaps this is why up until now EV drivers have been welcomed by most other motorists without much fuss.

That trend seems to be shifting, though, here and there, as reports of EV owners being harassed in one way or another begin to surface.

Whereas up until now the most common expression of disrespect was truck drivers rolling coal on various types of hybrid and electric vehicles, a new manifestation called ICE-ing begins to take shape.

ICE stands, of course, for internal combustion engine. ICE-ing is the act of taking fuel-powered trucks and parking them in such a way as to stop EVs from reaching the cables of a charging station.

The preferred targets of the people doing this seem to be Tesla charging stations. Witnesses say some of the truck drivers even shout profanities at Tesla and EV owners as they park their oversized ICE trucks in front of the stations.

According to Daily Mail, the practice has been noticed by authorities in some U.S. states and cities, with a few of them even passing legislation trying to stop the practice: Washington DC, Seattle, Baltimore, Raleigh, North Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee.


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