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Mid Box Tiny House InteriorMid Box Tiny House InteriorMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny House InteriorMid Box Tiny House InteriorMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny HouseMid Box Tiny House
As technology moves forward, advances in one industry spew over into others. This is why we're seeing countless tiny houses that can do things we never imagined a home could do, the so-called modular dwellings. Well, one team creating tiny habitats unlike others is Magic Box Tiny House, an internationally acclaimed team, and you're about to see why.
When I first encountered Magic Box Tiny House (MBTH), I wasn't sure what I was looking at. I mean, I knew it was a tiny and mobile dwelling, but I couldn't yet grasp how in the world the Mid Box (MB) could be transported. After all, this dwelling is much larger than just one highway lane. Come to find out, this manufacturer builds their units with the ability to expand. Sure, expanding mobile homes, RVs, or any other type of habitat are not something new, but the simplicity each unit displays brings a whole new level of allure to this industry, and personally, I love it!

For starters, the MB is a completely prefabricated unit; you don't have to do anything except plug in a socket at the rear of the house and connect the plumbing. The home is delivered to your plot of land with the features you paid for, so you can enjoy your sunset dinners overlooking the edge of the Grand Canyon or wherever you have a permit to set up shop for the next few days to weeks, maybe years. We'll touch up on that later.

With the MB dropped off at your proverbial door, you'll need to expand it to living levels. With a person or two pushing, the interior slides towards the rear of the unit and doubles the MB's size. As best I can describe how the system works is to compare it to the mechanics of a drawer. The outer shell wraps another slightly smaller one, and the latter is pushed out of the former. Simple enough but very effective.

Mid Box Tiny House
Photo: Magic Box Tiny House
While each MB is customizable, images on the manufacturer's website showcase the units as featuring a Murphy bed. Frankly, that's the smartest option, but a modular couch also works. You'll just have to shove it into the kitchen and hope it fits once you start pushing the outer wall back in. If your MB is the sort of unit you plan on using as an extension to your present home or overlooking your vineyards, bring in all the long-term furnishings you want and transform the interior into the cave of your dreams.

Speaking of dreams, MBTH is focused on ensuring you receive a fantastic home, and so they allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your future mobile residence. The only features you can't mess with are things like the shell's building materials, chassis, and overall construction of the MB. Other than that, you can tamper with the bathroom, interior carpentry and panels, even add off-grid utilities and options. Take a look at the image gallery to see what's possible.

Regarding off-grid abilities, I promised that I'd brush up on this a little later. Well, it's later, and so I want you to imagine what it may be like to own such a tiny house. Think about that plot of land you purchased a couple of years ago precisely for this purpose. Don't have land? Maybe the following daydream will help you set a new goal.

Mid Box Tiny House
Photo: Magic Box Tiny House
Since you've been looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities and classic neighborhoods, you've chosen a little 280-square-foot (26-square-meter) plot of ground hidden among pine trees and overlooking a little corner of the Rockies. With the MB in place and furnishings bearing your personal touch, you finally take a seat on your couch and stare out of a full glass exterior wall, which is the point of entry into the unit, too. It's here that you forget all about what a TV is used for, what work needs to be done, or what neighbors are. You might feel like the biblical god that rested and marveled at its creation on the seventh day. Why not? Life is beautiful, and Mid Box is just one way to capture it.

Now, the story I just created seems to be taking place in the United States. But what about the forests and landscapes in Europe, South Africa, or Australia? If you live on any continent other than North America, not to worry; MBTH has offices all over this watery marble and delivers worldwide. Sign me up!

But, there's a matter of price. This is where I encountered a roadblock in my potential acquisition of a Mid Box. It's not that this unit is expensive or anything like that; I simply couldn't find any information on how much this bugger goes for, even as standard. In order to do so, you have to get in touch with this manufacturer and receive a quote based on location, shipping methods, customization, and so on. If your interest is sparked and you reach out to Magic Box Tiny House, leave a comment with your price quote and what it includes if you wish, of course.

Come to think of it, let's play a pricing game. Leave a comment with how much you think the Mid Box costs, and when we find out, we'll do the same. Be sure to see more news on this tiny house manufacturer because they even have plans for multi-level villas that function the same as the MB, and those are worthy of their own articles. Stick around.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of cutom Mid Box interiors.

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