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Does Tesla Model S Plaid's ICE Really Have the Processing Power of a Sony PS5?

Elon Musk presented the interior of the Model S Plaid as if it was a fantastic innovation. That was part of the effort to make the new derivative seem as attractive as what the competitors have been presenting. At least one of the novelties called people's attention: the new ICE (infotainment computer), allegedly with the processing power of a Sony PS5.
Tesla ICE With The Same Processing Power of a Sony PS5? 6 photos
Tesla ICE With The Same Processing Power of a Sony PS5?Tesla Model S Plaid InteriorTesla Model S Plaid InteriorTesla Model S Plaid InteriorTesla Model S Plaid Interior
To demonstrate that, Musk showed someone from his team playing Cyberpunk 2077 live in the Model S Plaid. According to the Tesla CEO, it is important to ensure these cars have the best hardware for entertaining their occupants. The concern would be when autonomous driving comes, and people are left with nothing to do in the car.

Although Musk has promised that it would be achieved in 2017, 2018, and 2020 since 2016, we are yet to see an autonomous driving car from Tesla. Despite that, the company keeps asking $10,000 for the FSD package and has recently removed radars from its vehicles with the excuse that cameras would be able to do all the work.

The Verge managed to obtain more information about the upgrade to the ICE infotainment computer and discovered it would have AMD’s Ryzen processor and a discrete AMD RDNA 2 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) likely from the Radeon 6600M Navi 23 series. In January, Patrick Schur found a Tesla diagram stating the car would have a Navi 23 GPU.

To understand what that means, we have to check what a Navi 23 GPU offers. According to The Verge, it has 28 CUs (computational units) and 1,792 shader units. That means this processor has fewer resources than the Sony PS5, which presents 36 CUs and 2,304 shader units.

The Sony videogame console presents ten teraflops of total compute. Tesla’s ICE can have up to 10 teraflops of total compute only if you count the integrated and the discrete GPUs. Just like with the acceleration number, it seems Musk exaggerated again how capable the Model S Plaid really is. If the idea was to give Tesla’s ICE the exact total compute as the PS5, the company should have bought a Navi 22 GPU, which presents the same CUs as the Sony console.


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