Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707" Is a Widebody Warrior

There are Mopar fanatics who can't wait for the Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye to be released and then there are those who literally can't stand the wait, coming up with custom widebody incarnations of the super sedan. Case in point with the "Destroyer 707" sitting before us.
Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707" 7 photos
Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Destroyer 707"
This four-door started out in life as the madness that is the 707-pony Charger Hellcat, but its owner wanted to add a few personal touches. So, as part of the not-too-serious revamp, the look of the machine was completely overhauled, cabin included.

As such, the Dodge now packs a widebody kit featuring exposed rivets that should make the upcoming factory arches of the Redeye seem like development for introverts. Then we have body bits like the Challenger SRT Demon-style hood, the front splitter, which is held in place with the help of rods, the side skirt extensions and... we haven't even gotten to the rear end.

The posterior of the machine is where we find window louvers, a wickerbill, as well as a diffuser-like lower valance.

Of course, we must also give credit to the eye-catching wrap of this machine. Possibly building on the street cred of Plum Crazy, the graphics we have here come from one of our favorite designers, namely Scott Kepple.

The connection to the road was redefined, thanks to air suspension and a set of custom forged wheels - the latter also included in the color theme, as you'll notice in the Instagram posts below.

When it comes to the interior of the supercharged HEMI wielder sitting before us, this is where we find a world of textures, from carbon fiber to the insane shade adorning the exterior of the car - make sure to check out the clip at the bottom of the page for a peek at this Charger Hellcat's cabin.


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