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Dodge Challenger Bites the Curb in Failed Drifting Attempt, Mustang Drivers Know the Pain

Muscle cars aren’t exactly ballerinas in disguise, well, unless you’re talking about the Chevy Camaro, which can actually attack corners at relatively high speeds.
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Dodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge Challenger
The internet is filled with videos showing countless Mustangs being damaged in all sorts of stupid stunts, and it appears that the Dodge Challenger is not that far behind either. Case in point, let’s move on to the reason behind this story, which is one particular Challenger, with a very challenged driver at the helm.

Filmed late at night, apparently, somewhere in the United States, the short video shared on CarWorldClub1’s Instagram page earlier this week shows the muscle car attacking a corner sideways. One moment later, the person sitting in the driver’s seat lost control of the wheel, and the vehicle violently hit the curb, to the amusement of the cameraman, and what appears to be another young man.

“Hey bro, you’re good, you’re good! You didn’t f**k up that bad,” the guy said as he approached the car. “Back it up, nice and slow,” is what he said next, and then a very surprising thing happened.

You see, when the Challenger hit the curb, the force of the impact was absorbed by the front axle, through the right front wheel. As a result, it literally snapped as the driver tried to get his ride out of the messy situation, leaving the wheel in an unnatural angle, hanging on by a thread.

This is where the video ends, yet we all know what happened next, don’t we? That’s because it likely involved a tow truck and perhaps a mechanical inspection to see what exactly needs changing, and what can be fixed. Hopefully, the driver has learned his lesson and will think twice in the future before pulling off another dangerous stunt to impress his friends.

Editor's note: Video contains NSFW language.


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