Video: Police Spots Dodge Challenger Drifting and Crashing, Throws Driver's @$$ in Jail

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It’s usually Ford Mustangs that crash rather spectacularly when their owners try to show off, as numerous videos that have made their way to the web prove, but it can happen to other models, like the Dodge Challenger.
Case at hand, meet one reckless driver of a Dodge Challenger Widebody, presumably in the Redeye configuration, who decided to run a red light, and have some sideways fun while the camera was rolling.

That obviously did not go as planned, as first of all, his driving skills could not back up the stunt. Shortly after losing the back end, the vehicle jumped the curb and ended up into the grass, before getting back onto the road. Surprisingly, it was not the footage that got him in jail, because there was a patrol car in the far lane, when he ran the red light, and the officer saw the whole thing, and acted accordingly.

Upon approaching the scene, the man holding the camera, which was likely just a phone (someone should learn how to film horizontally), got there in time to witness his presumed friend getting thrown in the back of the cruiser, on his way to jail, where he likely spent the night. You can bet your bottom dollar that next time he decides to pull such a stunt, he will look twice before stepping on the gas, though we reckon it’s going to be a while until he will be allowed to drive again.

As for the where and when questions, your guess is as good as ours, but since the video was uploaded a little over a week ago, it might have happened in the first days of 2022. Guess someone should have set different New Year’s resolutions, like not breaking the law, as it could have ended much, much worse.

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Editor's note: Video contains NSFW language.

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