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Custom Yamaha MT-07 With Caffeinated Anatomy Hails From a Newly-Established Workshop
The tasteful blend of modern and retro cues worn by this MT-07 is stupefying in the truest sense of the word.

Custom Yamaha MT-07 With Caffeinated Anatomy Hails From a Newly-Established Workshop

Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07Custom Yamaha MT-07
You’d be forgiven if you said the name Wayders doesn’t ring any bell, because the Belgian garage is a fresh face on the European bike-modding scene. This up-and-coming firm is a two-man endeavor for the time being, and the guys who run the show go by the names of Didier Hermann and Olivier Nadrin.

The former handles all manner of mechanical work, employing more than three decades’ experience in the automotive industry. In fact, Didier is the original founder behind Tuning Box – a producer of ECU remapping hardware renowned across the Old Continent. Motorcycles have always been this fellow’s biggest love, however, so he naturally gravitated towards the art of customization over the years.

On the other hand, Olivier is in charge of photography, filming and just about any design-related affairs, including Wayders’ casual apparel line. The lads moved into a sizeable 1,900-square-foot (177-sqm) facility earlier this year, thus gaining access to large manufacturing workstations and a photo studio. With the way things are going, we expect to see these folks firing on all cylinders from now on!

Their portfolio is currently home to four builds, the sexiest and most extensive of which can be seen in the photo gallery above. Revolving around a Yamaha MT-07, this handsome piece of machinery does a fantastic job at showcasing what Hermann and Nadrin are all about. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see how the transformation process unfolded, shall we?

Starting with the front-end modifications, the Belgians ditched the creature’s standard forks to make room for the superior 41 mm (1.6-inch) upside-down items of an MT-09. The same bike had also donated its triple clamps, and the OEM instrumentation was replaced with an inconspicuous Daytona speedometer that rests inside a 3D-printed housing.

In addition, you will spot a fresh pair of adjustable clip-ons wearing Ariete grips, Brembo control levers and bar-end turn signals from Motogadget’s inventory. Wayders beefed up the rear suspension with a premium Wilbers shock absorber, but they opted to retain the MT-07's stock brakes and 17-inch wheels. The choice of rubber may be described as slightly unconventional, taking the form of rugged Rally STR tires provided by Pirelli.

Following the removal of any bodywork components installed at the factory, Didier and Oliver ordered a replica Benelli Mojave fuel chamber. This item was then tweaked to fit atop the frame like a glove, and rear-end proportions have been tightened by means of a new subframe fabricated in-house. Right below the gas tank, there’s a custom-made box that hosts the motorcycle’s battery and relocated electrics.

The looped rearmost skeleton is topped with a solo saddle upholstered by the experts over at Atelier Sellerie & Garnissage. A 3D-printed encasement lies underneath, holding a classy leather wallet from Trip Machine Company. To round out the MT-07's stripped-back outfit, the Wayders duo added a fresh chain guard, along with bespoke front sprocket and radiator covers.

Lighting comes from aftermarket LED goodies at both ends, while the OEM foot pegs have been discarded in favor of unique CNC-milled parts. To let the 689cc parallel-twin motor breathe a little more freely, the guys fitted a set of meshed velocity stacks and an SC-Project exhaust silencer that exits on the right-hand side. With all these units in place, it was time to address the bike’s paintwork.

This particular task was assigned to Couleurs Ardentes’ specialists, who made use of hydro-dipping to apply that faded checkered flag motif on the fuel tank. The mesmerizing pattern is joined by a glossy black base and gold pinstripes, which complement the finish found on the suspension hardware, front rotor flanges and drive chain.


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