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Cupra Asked for a Folding E-Bike and Got This Trendy, Stable, and Comfortable Two-Wheeler

When you think about folding bikes, appearance is not your number one priority, as these micro-mobility vehicles are first and foremost about meeting your commuting needs. And truth be told, most of them are not the best-looking vehicles out there. Unno set out to change that with its Cupra bike concept.
Unno Cupra folding e-bike concept 6 photos
Unno Cupra folding e-bike conceptUnno Cupra folding e-bike conceptUnno Cupra folding e-bike conceptUnno Ever bikeUnno Dash bike
Yes, you read that right, the bike is called Unno Cupra and it does have something to do with the Spanish sports car brand. In fact, the whole thing started as a challenge from Cupra, a challenge that was gladly accepted by the boutique bike brand. It all actually happened in 2020, when the bike concept in the photos was revealed. Now, in a “throwback” moment, Unno posted once again the so-called Cupra bike concept, receiving impressively positive feedback.

The two-wheeler was designed according to Cupra’s demands, which apparently wanted an electric, compact, and foldable bicycle. And instead of going with the classic folding commuter the likes of Brompton or Honbike, Unno went for a mullet setup. Not that there’s anything wrong with the aforementioned brands, in fact, they each boast some really competitive models. Brompton recently dropped the T Line series, its lightest folding bike ever, weighing just 16 lb. (7.4 kg). The Honbike Pro is also a reliable urban commuter, a folding city bike made from just 57 components.

But Unno claims its concept bike with its mullet setup is a trendy, more stable, and comfortable two-wheeler. And instead of coming with the typical 29” wheel in the front and 27.5” wheel in the rear configuration, the Unno Cupra features an even smaller wheel in the back. While it doesn’t mention its size, it looks like a 26er or maybe even a 24” one. Both wheels come with five-pointed star-shaped spoke rims.

The Spanish bike manufacturer argues that a proper size for the front wheel ensures the bike is comfortable to ride, stable, and grippy, while the platform is still kept small thanks to the size of the rear wheel.

By the looks of it, the Unno Cupra features a carbon frame, and the battery is placed between the downtube and the seat tube.
Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like Cupra will make its debut on the bicycle market too soon, as neither of the two companies has announced any plans to turn the folding bike concept into a commercial product. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Editor's note: Image gallery also includes photos of the Unno Ever an Unno Dash bikes


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