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Citizen Rolls Out Two Watches Inspired by the Latest Nissan Z Model

Japanese watchmaker Citizen has introduced to the world two brand-new timepieces inspired by the latest Z model, known as the Fairlady Z, for the Japanese market. The limited-edition watches incorporate the spirit of the Japanese coupe, making the wearers feel like they’re carrying a part of the car on their wrists.
Citizen debuts two watches inspired by Nissan Fairlady Z 7 photos
The two watches, named AT8185-89E and AT8185-97E, share some common features inspired by the Z. On their dials, there’s a Fairlady Z logo (since they’re made in Japan) and a second red hand, which mirrors the redline on a tachometer. The case back also has a Nissan logo, and the crown of the timepieces has the iconic letter embedded.

The AT8185-89E comes with yellow elements, reminding us of the Ikazuchi yellow body color that the limited edition Proto Spec model is wearing. But the watchmaker did not want to recreate just the vehicle’s sleek exterior look. It also wanted to add some elements found in the interior. So, it put a yellow dot design on the dial to make it match the seats in the Proto Spec.

Its sibling, the AT8185-97E, features blue accents, which take after the Seiran Blue body color of the Z. Paired with the matte black dial and the silver hands and indexes, this watch is sure to stand out.

Inside, Citizen’s new timepieces come with the watchmaker’s light-powered Eco-Drive Radio-Controlled tech, which constantly recharges their batteries. They also have a water resistance of up to 333 ft (100 meters).

A band treated with Citizen’s proprietary Super Titanium technology completes these pieces' elegant yet sporty look. This makes the band up to five times harder than stainless steel, scratch-resistant, lightweight, making it ideal for everyday wear.

The new models are limited to 1,700 units each, and they come with a $2,495 price tag. Dedicated fans and watch enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on them in March when they’re set to be launched in Japan and the U.S.

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