Chrysler Voyager Hellcat Rendered as the Modern-Classic Minivan To Rule Them All

Chrysler Voyager Hellcat - Rendering 6 photos
Photo: Instagram | Jlord8
Chrysler Voyager Hellcat - RenderingChrysler Voyager Hellcat - RenderingChrysler Voyager Hellcat - RenderingChrysler Voyager Hellcat - RenderingChrysler Voyager Hellcat - Rendering
We can see why crossovers and SUVs have made certain traditional vehicles far less popular than they used to be, bringing them on the edge of extinction. Most people would rather have more inches between their car’s belly and the road, wrapped in a nice, modern-looking package, rather than the usual people carrier.
But minivans live on for now, with certain companies still dedicating a small chunk of their income to keeping them alive. There are a few premium ones out there, next to the usual mainstream offering, and even some that were shaped to look like crossovers, retaining the front-wheel drive layout, and the exaggerated headroom.

Among the car manufacturers that still have an MPV in their portfolios is Chrysler. The Stellantis-owned brand's lineup comprises two models only in the U.S. of A., namely the Pacifica, together with its electrified variant, and the aging 300. North of the border, they have a second proposal in the minivan category, namely the Grand Caravan, also known as the Voyager. It’s priced from a very decent CA$47,990 (US$35,310, and comes in a single trim level, named the SXT, which packs a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar engine, hooked up to a nine-speed automatic transmission, and front-wheel drive.

Currently in its sixth generation, with production taking place at the Windsor facility in Ontario, Canada, the Chrysler Voyager Gran Caravan is obviously nothing to write home about as far as the coolness factor goes. Its predecessors were decent people haulers too, ever since the first generation that came out in 1988. None of them ever featured a sonorous V8 straight from the factory for obvious reasons, but there are certain owners out there who have swapped the stock unit for an eight-cylinder one, and some of these rides enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, usually at the drag strip, taking on some hot cars.

But the only cool rides the pictured one will ever throw a punch at are those living in Fantasy Land because that’s where it can be found. Penned by jlord8, it is a Hellcat version of the second generation Voyager, sporting a reworked front bumper, new grille, different side skirts, and fresh trim, as well as real Hellcat logos mounted on the front fenders. It also has new wheels, with uprated brakes mounted behind them, tweaked suspension for lower ground clearance, and a vented hood that hides the ubiquitous 6.2-liter V8 under it.

The supercharged lump comes in various states of tune, from roughly 700 to over 800 horsepower, depending on the make and model, and it is obviously the highlight of this digital build that otherwise looks ready to wreak havoc at the local drag strip. Too bad it will never see any action, but who knows, maybe it has inspired someone to do something similar to theirs.

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