Can the Russian Mechanic Fix a Lamborghini Gallardo Wreck?

Can the Russian Mechanic Fix a Lamborghini Gallardo Wreck? 4 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot/Arthur Tusik
Can the Russian Mechanic Fix a Lamborghini Gallardo Wreck?Can the Russian Mechanic Fix a Lamborghini Gallardo Wreck?Can the Russian Mechanic Fix a Lamborghini Gallardo Wreck?
For some strange reason, YouTube now considers working on a Lamborghini Gallardo to be a DIY joy. You'll find all sorts of videos out there, from doing average maintenance to major bodywork. And being made from a lot of aluminum, we wanted to see how a professional handles a damaged version of the baby bull.
The Gallardo is probably a little more reliably than a Ferrari of its era. However, working with that chassis is so expensive that most wrecks stay that way. As with all the Audi or BMW repair videos we've been sharing, Russia seems to have other ideas. Often, it's cheaper for them to buy a damaged car off an online auction, ship it and have local mechanics do the work.

Arthur Tussik has handled many expensive luxury cars in the past. And even though a Lamborghini seems like a headache waiting to happen, the mechanic isn't put off. Plus, he got to split the work into four videos and bring in the big YouTube bucks.

The first video shows how bad the accident was. After going off the road, the Gallardo ended up in a ditch somewhere, covered in grass and with most of ts bodywork bent out of shape. Arthur gets to work stripping the damaged bits first.

As we've already established, the Gallardo has an aluminum body, which is more difficult to work with than steel. To make matters worse, the Lamborghini never put out any repair books or blueprints. Still, the mechanic puts his trusty frame-pulling equipment to work.

At the beginning of the build, everything bad that can happen does, as support members snap. Since spares can't be found, Arthur is forced to fabricate the piece from scratch using square aluminum tubes, and calls on the help of a welding buddy to ensure the bonding is done right. By comparison, working with the outer sheet metal is easy, though not hassle-free.

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