Campworks Drives the RV Game Forward and Aims To "Save the World" With the NS-1 Teardrop

For the past two years, the world has been waiting for one of the most amazing teardrop campers to ever hit the glamping scene. I'm talking about Campworks' NS-1, a towable like very few around. What makes it so hot is that it's an entirely electric unit. But, a recent press release from the crew titled "Campworks, the World's First Fully Electric RV, Withdraws From RV Market, Enters Save the World Industry Instead" made me question what's going on.
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Is Campworks removing itself from the RV market!? If you read the press release at the bottom of this article, you might find yourself asking that very question. However, things aren't as they appear, and we are NOT about to lose out on the do-it-all machine America has been waiting for.

The recent press release led me to believe that Campworks is no longer offering Americans the outdoor living machine we've been promised. Worst of all, whoever preordered an NS-1 (Nomadic System 1) over the past two years will NOT embark upon those adventure-filled dreams they may have had. As to why that could happen? For no other reason than competition. We're also told that two competitors have arrived on the all-electric camper scene with "a determination to dominate this market on an outdated premise that bigger is better."

Is Campworks out of the RV game? Not at all! For those involved with the NS-1, be they Campworks, OEMs, and future camper owners, the above impression couldn't be further from the truth. The release was meant to convey the message that the NS-1 is much more than an RV and that its applications extend far beyond those of traditional camping or occasional outdoor living; it's a tool to aid you in countless scenarios, including some you never thought of, like "forest service, farming and ranching, and environmental studies." All of that is thanks to years of R&D, so let's dive deeper to see what's happening here.

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As I mentioned, the NS-1's sleeved ace is the fact that it operates entirely on electrical power. Oh, and that power is typically drawn from the sun. Campworks figured out a way to mount 1,840 W of sun-processing cells onto the NS-1. With just one hour of exposure to direct sunlight, it can operate your AC for an entire day. All that juice is then stored in a 12 kWh battery pack. Just to give you a bit of perspective as to what that means, your typical two-bedroom apartment will consume around 13-17 kWh in a day. Since a teardrop camper rarely has a washing machine, massive fridge, dishwasher, or big-screen TV, it's more than enough to live happily. Even if the sun decides not to smile upon you for a day or two, you could manage.

With that much backup juice and a 9,000 W output at 240 V, the NS-1 can operate your induction top, AC unit, and recharge all your smart devices. Best of all, it boasts the ability to recharge your EV. For someone like me that's always riding around with e-bikes, this is a godsend, but I'm talking about electric four-wheelers, not some tiny e-bike battery pack.

Beyond the electrical magic, the NS-1 is built to go places. Overall, the underbody is plated and insulated, rocks a Timbren 3500 HD suspension, and is set on an "overbuilt" powder-coated frame. 17 in off-road wheels and BFGoodrich KO2 tires finish off this puppy. As for the shell, 2 in (5 cm) of insulation is found throughout, and a monocoque design with antifreeze heating ensures you can camp out in the middle of winter. Start throwing in water filtration systems, climate control, and air purification systems, and you'll understand why this bugger carries the price tag it does.

Continuing our journey, we arrive at the interior and living features the NS-1 shows off to the world. Well, the interior doesn't come across as the kind that attracts me too much. Take a look at the video below and see what I mean. Not only does it feel a bit cramped, but the furnishings and cabinetry reminded me of my grandparents' camper. You know, those old-school, wooden shelves kind of unit. It's not the sort of styling the modern traveler might be looking for, but who am I to judge?

NS\-1 Camper
Photo: Campworks
As to why this interior comes across as so tight, the last feature I point out should explain everything. One design element, and flaw, if you ask me, is how Campworks integrates the galley into the NS-1. Unlike classic teardrops, with a galley accessed by lifting a rear hatch, the NS-1's kitchen block slides into the unit. This is one reason why the bedding sits so high up. Oh, and then there are all those systems I mentioned earlier. Those are tucked away somewhere too. If you guessed in the belly of the beast, you'd be right.

Now, while exploring the NS-1, I could make out another slight issue for interested buyers, its asking price. All of what I pointed out, plus water tanks, storage, and a few others, amount to a camper that was going for a hefty $75,000 (€69,500 at current exchange rates). Quite a bit, if you ask me, but there's quite a bit of camper here. Currently, interested buyers can reserve the unit for a solid $5,000, and quite a few folks have already.

So, where does that leave everyone else? Well, right on track to the promised land! Remember, the details in the press release simply mean that the NS-1 is so much more than just an RV; it can be a daily aid in countless settings. Furthermore, my discussions with Campworks' CEO Thomas Hoffmann, reveal that manufacturing partners are set and that the reservation process is still open.

In short, the NS-1 is on track to help you and me spend more time outdoors and offer its powers to those with a more soliciting calling, saving the world. So, explore all the little bits and pieces that make up this capable machine, see if it's what you need, and start living outdoors, not just exploring.

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Editor's note: This article has been modified post-publishing to properly reflect information brought to light regarding Campworks and the NS-1.

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