nuCamp's Leaf + Linen Teardrop Has a Special Interior: Limited to Just 80 Units!

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One of the neatest things about the RV industry is when teams shake hands to give rise to one-of-a-kind travel trailers. In the case of nuCamp's Leaf + Linen edition, only 80 units will ever be built. Once they're gone, they're gone for good.
I woke to an e-mail a couple of days ago telling me about how there's this new camper on the scene. The crew to unveil this magic is none other than nuCamp. I'm sure the name rings a bell, as we've covered their works extensively. This time, the Leaf + Linen edition is the result of this manufacturer's magic, coupled with a local business.

While nuCamp needs no introduction, Leaf + Linen does. This crew is operating out of Ohio and is mainly focused on clothing goods and interior décor. A side of candle-making and potted plants complete their take on good clean living. Considering nuCamp is also Ohio-based and family-owned, it makes sense for these two teams to hold hands on such a venture. Time to see what the 2023 Signature Series Tab 320 S has to bring to the table.

That last bit in the above paragraph should have clarified that this edition is built upon the classic Tab 320 S teardrop camper. The one and the same that has carried nuCamp's name to where it stands today. Considering this unit boasts features like an interior galley, wet bath, sleeping space for two, and more storage space than you'd ever need, you can understand why. Off-grid and off-road abilities also accompany this capable teardrop.

Well, all of that is available in the Leaf + Linen edition, but there's a reason it bears the name that it does. What nuCamp did with this one is create an interior that is "clean, simple, and has a calming, restorative feeling the more time you spend with it." In other words, a "contemporary styling." Are these words not expressive enough? That's why we also have an image gallery, and I urge you to take full advantage of it. The video below should help too.

Tab 320 S
Photo: nuCamp RV
Now, upon entering the unit for the first time, you'll notice that the entrance has that whole RV feeling. Straight ahead sits the entrance to the bathroom, while the left side is filled wall to wall with a massive dinette. You can host some get-togethers for sure, but it's also modular. At night, this is where you'll lay your head to rest. At the very front of the camper, unlike most teardrops, there sits a galley. A cooktop, sink, and storage are all available.

With the floorplan out of the way, let's see the Leaf + Linen touches. This team brings forth the "contemporary styling" I mentioned. You can see it in the cabinetry and storage bays, overhead and at ground level, as the warm lighting invites your eyes to look around, and at color tones. Have a seat, sip a coffee, shower, eat and rest your bones. Let the outdoors rejuvenate your soul.

Speaking of outdoors, we need to consider all the little bits that nuCamp incorporates into 320 S models, including this edition. I'm going to skip over the exterior graphics, which bear the Leaf + Linen logo, and hop right into things like the ability to process solar power, handle off-road terrain with Goodyear tires, and the possibility to add so much more.

As far as I know, nuCamp is a team that places an array of features and packages at their customer's disposal, so I don't see why they would eliminate that possibility for this one. Sure, I want a teal interior with driftwood flooring. But I also want to carry a bike or two, mount more solar panels, and even add a tent annex.

Leaf \+ Linen Edition Interior
Photo: nuCamp RV
Standard, the manufacturer did add some of the features they typically reserve for their Boondock package to this edition. This includes a pitched axle, alloy wheels, the tires I mentioned, and an aluminum platform at the front, perfect for bringing along extra gear.

Finally, I want to point out something about this teardrop. According to a press release, nuCamp decided to employ a different kind of cabinet-making technology for this series. It's not entirely clear if natural wood is still at the center of the design. Still, something else stood out in their statement, it has a "...look and feel that is traditionally featured in premium class B motorized units."

Is nuCamp looking to hit the Class B RV scene in the near future? We don't know for sure. But, as a business, you should also focus on growth, especially if the market is changing. After all, adaptation is the key to survival. Considering this manufacturer strayed away from teardrops with their recently unveiled Barefoot trailer, anything is possible.

So, how much can you expect to pay for one of these buggers? So far, there's no information on the price. What we do know is that there will only be 80 Leaf + Linen edition teardrops ever built. You better talk it over with the family and do it real quick.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also showcase the standard Tab 320 S teardrop camper.

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