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California Barn Hides the World's Biggest Stash of Ford Model A and Model T Classics

Back in July 2021, we witnessed a big stash of pre-WW2 Fords surface somewhere in the U.S. The undisclosed location is home to a few valuable cars in poor condition, and the owner wants to hang onto them. But as it turns out, that's not the biggest hoard of old Fords in the U.S. Someone in California stashed a few dozens Model As and Model Ts in a barn. And they're in far better condition.
big stash of Ford Model T and Model A classics 6 photos
big stash of Ford Model T and Model A classicsbig stash of Ford Model T and Model A classicsbig stash of Ford Model T and Model A classicsbig stash of Ford Model T and Model A classicsbig stash of Ford Model T and Model A classics
The exact location of this impressive collection hasn't been disclosed, but the license plates on the cars suggest the barn is somewhere in California. But it doesn't really matter where these cars are spending their retirement years. What matters here is that it might just be the world's largest collection of Model As and Model Ts, two of Ford's most iconic creations.

And the really cool thing about this barn find is that many of the cars parked there seem to be in very good condition. While some of them could use a restoration, many of them look like they've been refreshed and parked only a few days ago. Of course, the thick dust covering them reveals that these cars have been sitting for a long time, but I'm pretty sure they run, and they're almost ready to hit the road.

There's no way to tell if the video below documented all the vehicles inside the barn, but I counted around 25 Model Ts. I also counted 23 Model A and at least one Model B, which means that the stash includes around 50 vehicles built by the Blue Oval from the late 1900s until the early 1930s.

And whoever owns all these cars is clearly a fan of these nameplates because the collection includes examples from every body style. There are two- and four-door versions, convertibles, pickup trucks, and even delivery wagons. Two of these utilitarian models may actually provide a hint as to where this barn is located, as both of them carry "Bard, Ca." decals.

The hoard also seems to include Model Ts from every era. Ford made a few changes from the first series introduced in 1908 to the final examples assembled in 1927. The more recent models, for instance, look a bit more like the Model A up front.

The latter is the vehicle that replaced the Model T. It debuted for the 1928 model year, but it had a shorter life, remaining in production for only four years. The Model A was replaced by the Model B in 1932.

All these cars were extremely important for Ford. The Model T was the world's first affordable automobile and dominated the North American market years, selling around 15 million units. The Model A continued this legacy and is now one of the most hot-rodded vehicles in history. The Model B that followed introduced Ford's first V8 engine, the iconic "flathead."

In case you're wondering, none of these cars are for sale, but it's great to know that someone is so passionate about these vehicles and has the time and money to keep them in solid condition. With so many Ts and As losing their "lives" to rust in junkyards and fields, seeing almost 50 pre-WW2 Fords resting comfortably in a barn is a thing of beauty.

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