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Bugatti Chiron Drag Races McLaren 720S in Germany, Gets Surprised

Anybody who knows a thing or two about contemporary supercars is well aware of the McLaren 720S' status - shortly after the British toy hit the road, it earned itself that nickname of the supercar that hasn't lost a drag race.
Bugatti Chiron Drag Races McLaren 720S 4 photos
Bugatti Chiron Drag Races McLaren 720SBugatti Chiron Drag Races McLaren 720SBugatti Chiron Drag Races McLaren 720S
Thanks to a combination between its majestic power-to-weight ratio and its intelligent aero, the Brit can knock out most of its opponents.

Well, it looks like there are aficionados out there who have had enough of this. Well, if you happen to identify yourself as a member of this camp, you've come to the right place.

And that's because we've brought along a drag race that pits the McLaren 720S against the Bugatti Chiron. Sure, this might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but, in the world of drag racing, there can be no such thing, as the trill of a race is the most important ingredient.

Sure, the 720 horsepower Macca and the 1,500-pony Bug are extremely different and we have to note that while the first comes in rear-wheel-drive form and the latter is an all-paw animal, this wasn't an issue for the drag racing we have here.

And that's because the supercar and the hypercar engaged in a rolling start battle. To be more precise, the battle saw things kicking off at 50 km/h, while the fight went on for a full kilometer.

The shenanigan took place on the Black Forest Airport in Lahr, Germany, which means the velocity monsters had all the space they needed to stretch their mechanical legs.

Fortunately, the piece of footage documenting the run allows us to notice the trap speed values for the two cars, so you'll get a clear picture of the gap between them.

The event that brought the two together also involves other spicy toys, such as a fourth-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI fitted with a turbo the size of Germany and a Porsche 911 Turbo.

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