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Bosch Drops Advanced Smart System for e-Bikes, With New App and Powerful Battery

Electric bikes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for transportation, especially in crowded urban areas, but what’s really going to take them to the top are improved battery performance and connectivity. Bosch is taking an important step in that direction, with a smart system that includes not just an app with a control unit and display, but also a powerful drive unit and battery.
Bosch launched a smart system that can take e-bikes to the next level, in terms of performance and connectivity 7 photos
Bosch Smart System for e-bikesBosch Smart System for e-bikesBosch Smart System for e-bikesBosch Smart System for e-bikesBosch Smart System for e-bikesBosch Smart System for e-bikes
Bosch eBike Systems has been providing essential components for electric bikes for over a decade, and is now going even further, with an entire system meant to help create the smartest bikes available, which could even compare to EVs in terms of connectivity.

The central piece of the new system is the eBike Flow app that allows the rider to customize riding modes and automatically record activities, including fitness data, which can then be shared on Apple Health. The app itself can be customized by the e-bike manufacturer so that it can match the brand identity. Also, over-the-air updates are perhaps one of the most important features of the app – by continuously updating their e-bike, riders can enjoy a product that practically never grows “old”.

All the important information is accessible via the Kiox 300 display, connected to the app and controlled through the LED remote control unit. Thanks to the display holder, its position on the handlebar can also adjusted according to personal preference. The remote control unit is easy to operate with the thumb, and it can even replace the display for those who prefer riding without one, showing the same relevant information.

When it comes to performance, the new system includes a Performance Line CX drive unit with 85 Nm of torque, as well as what Bosch calls its “flagship rechargeable battery”, the Powertube 750. With a high energy density for its 4.4 kg (9.7 lb) weight, the Powertube 750 delivers maximum range (compared to the other Bosch batteries), and can be charged to 50% in two hours.

The eBike Flow app will be available starting this autumn, for Android and iOS, in English, German French. Other languages and more functions will soon follow.

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