Bolt Custom Is Still the Go-To Crew for a Personalized 18-Wheeler Like None Other

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Photo: Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing / Edited by autoevolution
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They're everywhere, 18-wheelers. Heck, my dad owned a few over the years, and I've been lucky enough to see the U.S. while living in such a beast. However, if my parents had known about Bolt Custom and the magic they bring to this backbone industry, I'd still be living out of our big rig. You'll see what I mean once you dive deeper into the Super C motorcoaches this crew spits out.
The first time I ran across Bolt Custom I covered a few sleeper rigs that stood apart from anything else you see on the road. This time around, we take a closer look at a different kind of Bolt's magic, Super C motorhomes. Keep in mind that each one is custom-built, and if money's no issue, read on.

Now, I'm not going to lie; the one unit that attracted me most was the red, white, and grey unit. I can't quite make out the brand, but the shapes of the hood and mirrors tell me it's a Volvo - Dad, if you're reading this, tell me if I'm wrong. Upon seeing such a behemoth, how could you not be impressed? Not only is the living space absolutely massive, but by the looks of it, it even includes slide-outs. Whatever could be hiding in that matching trailer, we may never know. I have my money on it being a garage. Since that's the only image of the job, that's all we can explore.

But, if you want to see the sort of interior that Bolt can execute, I'd like to attract your brief attention to that juicy and luscious red Peterbilt. First, take in the huge living space mounted behind that cab. Then, see your reflection in the chrome accents, followed by a jump and a peak into one of the windows. Better yet, let's use the right-side entry and see the interior firsthand.

Peterbilt Custom
Photo: Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing
As you do, you'll find yourself in the middle of the habitat, with a quaint kitchen in front of you, the cab to your right, and the living/bedroom to your left. Now, the galley is simple enough, but take note of the woodwork and cabinetry that surrounds the fridge and microwave and offers ample storage. Bolt's ability to manipulate tile mosaic is showcased by that backsplash we see. I hope it's not linoleum. It isn't because other units showcase a similar technique in bathroom flooring.

Bathroom and whatnot aside, let the living space found inside this red rig give you a taste of what Bolt can do. Take note of the elevated bedding and couch, which, I'm sure, extends to form a wall-to-wall bed. Let the lighting sink in, both the red LEDs on the ground and the white one used as trim under the overhead cabinets. As you direct your eyes upward, it may appear as though the coach's roof is limitless, but this effect is granted by the mirror on the ceiling. If memory serves me right, such mirrors have integrated LEDs that can change color at the touch of a remote. As for the mirror on the wall, I tried to make out the word, but all I could come up with was... never mind.

This example of an interior isn't really my style, so let's look at my final choice for this viewing, the massive white Volvo. Now this bugger displays an interior the likes of which we find in top-tier RVs. It includes two slide-outs, and the interior is so large that it has residential-sized features. For example, the only thing missing from the kitchen is a water or ice dispenser integrated into the fridge door. The rest looks like home.

Volvo Custom Interior
Photo: Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing
Heading towards the rear of this custom Volvo, we'll pass an entertainment lounge, a bathroom with that tile flooring I mentioned, a set of bunk beds, and finally, a large bedroom with as much wardrobe storage to match my two-bedroom apartment. By the looks of it, this is a family-oriented unit. And that's really all we know. From here, we can stroll through the rest of the gallery and daydream a little.

Think about what it's going to be like traveling across the greater United States, exploring roads your grandparents told you about. All the while carrying your home like a turtle. The only questions I have from here are how much such a conversion costs, and if it's worth it to explore the U.S. with your house on your back.

Regarding the price for something like this, the sky really is the limit. After all, each build is custom and will surely cost a pretty penny to look the way they do. The idea of rolling around the U.S. with a wheeled CO2 factory until the end of your days sounds like your kind of thing? Bolt Custom is one of the crews you need to get ahold of.
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