Steel, Comfort, and Style Are Traits of ATG Custom Truck Sleepers: Best Rest of Your Life

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Photo: Alliance Truck Group LLC.
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I grew up in a household that was ruled by vehicles, in particular, big rigs and 18-wheelers. Heck, I remember taking cross-country trips in these monstrous machines, but never have I ever dreamed of a custom rolling bedroom like the ones that come out of the Alliance Truck Group.
If the name Alliance Truck Group (ATG) is new to you, not a problem; they're new to me too. Nonetheless, once I scrolled through the works they offer to interested individuals, I realized that you should get to know a bit about the custom jobs and modifications they can achieve. If you're a big rig driver or just love amazing vehicular homes and habitats, listen up.

Now, this subject strikes rather close to heart, and it's because I spent quite a few summers cruising across the United States out of a Western Star big rig, and yes, it had a sleeper too. However, it wasn't a space that our family sought to modify in any way; it had what we needed, and that was enough. This included a fridge, a closet for clothes, a set of bunk beds – me on the top bunk, and my mom and dad on the bottom one – and some other storage bays, that's it.

Sure, it wasn't at all like what we'll be discovering today, but the bewilderment of going to bed in one state and waking up in another is so magical. Oh, and all the while, you've been rocked to sleep by the road's vibrations transmitted through an airbag suspension. Trust me, it's some of the best sleep you'll ever get in this life. Well, take the experience that I've just described and mix it up with the images you see in the gallery; that's what we're in for today, and it all starts with a truck, a dream, and a 25% down payment on your custom habitat.

Ram 5500 Conversion
Photo: Alliance Truck Group LLC.
Once you make the decision that ATG is the crew you want handling your future sleeper, you can basically show up with whatever truck you feel like, and they'll work their magic. I mean it; they can basically throw a sleeper onto anything with the word truck in its description, and if your dreams are within structural standards, ATG can do it. So, let's take a look.

To make things a tad easier to understand, I'll start off with smaller trucks and work our way up. As I explored the works ATG showcases on their webpage and Facebook, I noticed trucks as small as Ram 5500 being used as a base for custom habitats. Things like a fridge, microwave, closet, and bed are some of the features found inside the turtle shell. Controls for AC and heating are also part of the package. Want storage? Plenty to be found in these composite cocoons.

Yet, it's once we start talking about big rigs and 18-wheelers that we can see the full extent of ATG's abilities. It's here that we find custom Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner trucks with the ATG touch, and might I say, if you like leather, LED lighting, chrome accents, having all the comfort systems available on the market, or just want to live it up like a mobile king and queen, you know what needs to be done.

Peterbilt Conversion
Photo: Alliance Truck Group LLC.
One aspect that blew me away when analyzing some of the projects was the sheer size of some of the living spaces. Heck, the very first photo they posted on their page shows a Kenworth cab absolutely dwarfed by a rolling home on the back. I'm talking about that blue truck found in the gallery. I just wonder what my life would be like if we rolled around the U.S. in something like this.

Sure, not all the units this team manufactures are as large as the sleeper I just described, but each one comes across as bearing particular accents and traits that rarely, if ever, can be duplicated. Up next, take a good look at the white Peterbilt I've added to the library. It's on this rig that we can see just what can be done with some chrome.

Let's start with that slightly wrapped look we see coming off the truck's grill, bumper, and sun visor. From there, we can appreciate those air cleaners, lighted skirts down below, and even the steps. But it's those straight-shot exhaust tubes that really help make everything pop. Got to love these rolling CO2 factories! More chrome is seen making up the utility boxes, gas tanks, and rear fenders.

However, it's the rear of the sleeper that I want you to really take in and appreciate. Not only does it continue with the whole shiny metal look, but we can also see several doors integrated into the body. Now, I couldn't find out what may be behind door number one, two, or even three, but typically, such setups are for storage, easy access for tools and such, and even some of the systems needed for comfort. If you want more chrome, I added a couple of images with a few smaller projects.

Peterbilt Conversion
Photo: Alliance Truck Group LLC.
But what about the interior of these beasts? Well, it depends on the sort of lifestyle you like to live. Some rigs show off interiors packed with studded leather surfaces, others with wood and fabrics. It all depends on the sort of cash you want to dish out on your dream and how you'd like to live. Do you want LED lighting integrated into your floor? You can have that too. Pinstripes and handcrafted windows? Yup. I wonder if ATG ever received an order for a sauna or jacuzzi to be integrated into a unit.

I could sit here and talk about the details we see on these trucks all day, but in the end, if you have something like this in mind and didn't know where to begin, now you do. Sure, ATG isn't the only crew out there that can pull off custom sleepers, but they sure are unique, and that's worth taking note of, even if you don't have an 18-wheeler and just own a different type of workhorse truck.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Alliance Truck Group projects.

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