Fixing This Big Rig Required Two Pairs of Pants

Lada Niva Crash 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from LiveLeak
We’re reporting from Russia again, this time showing you what snow does to you exactly when you’re not expecting it. As you can see, a poor mechanic was just doing his job, fixing a big rig, when somebody decided it would be a good idea if he changed his pants. Let us explain.
While the man was working on what we presume to be his truck, a Lada Niva approached with more speed than is recommended on this type of weather. Needless to say he failed to stop in time and crashed hard into the back of the rig, narrowly missing the aforementioned mechanic.

The impact was so close to him that we initially though he would be simply squashed in between the vehicles but a guardian angel must’ve been watching at that time. However, we’re pretty sure that a change of pants was needed. After all, he was nearly killed.

Fortunately, despite the impact looking quite violent, the driver of the Niva seemed to be ok as well as we could see movement inside its cabin, moments after the accident.

A couple of nearby citizens that heard the bang immediately rushed to his help, like any of us would. In the end, if both people are ok, it doesn’t really matter that one of them needs a new pair of pants, now does it?

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