Russian Rams Nissan SUV into Railway Crossing Barrier

Russian Rams Nissan SUV into Railway Crossing Barrier 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
33 people are still missing after a train crash in China. Investigators are quoted as saying "it appears one train went the Wong way." Bad joke? This next Russian crash video should cheer you right up.
Even before the crash, this motorist is breaking the law. While everyone else is patiently waiting for the train to pass in an orderly cue, this guy passes everybody going the wrong way for that side of the road.

We don't know if the Nissan X-Trail belongs to the driver or not, but the first thing we thought when we saw him getting out of the car was "oh boy, what will your mother say about this?"

Now, in our little corner of the world, railway crossings don't come with safety barriers made from thick slabs of tank steel. It could be because people know running the light could result in sudden death. Regardless, these barriers reportedly claim hundred of cars every year in the country and we published another, almost identical, incident in September 2013. That one involved an even more expensive BMW 7 Series, which had to be pulled out using an excavator.

The dash cam industry really wouldn't be what it is today were it not for the Russian people. They were the first to adopt the technology en masse, resulting in a barrage of weird and wonderful videos. Hopefully, this clip will inspire others to film random acts of stupidity or to be a little more careful on the road.

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