Russian Barriers Are a Major Source of Fun

Russian Barriers Are a Major Source of Fun 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Of course, seeing people mauling their bikes and getting hurt may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but when this happens as a result of being not exactly smart (to avoid using plain old dumb as dirt), it’s really hard to withhold the laughter. And seeing the crash unfold in a spectacular way only makes everything even funnier.
All it takes is one motorcycle rider who is too eager to wait for the barriers to lower back into the ground and no clues on weight shifting whatsoever. In certain part of Russia, barriers are raised from the very road to prevent access across the railway until the train passes and the road is safe once more. However, it looks like a scooter or narrow motorbike can squeeze past these barriers, and when this happens, the chances of things going bad are obviously skyrocketing.

Now, jumping a bike over an obstacle isn’t necessarily a tricky thing, at least not for a rider who has at least a generic idea on what’s happening the moment the bike’s front wheel leaves the ramp. Well. It looks like this chap didn’t have any sort of such knowledge, so this somersault is an easily predictable outcome. Add the apparent groin shot of the flipping bike’s rear section of the tail and the injuries occurring because of not wearing any kind of protective gear and you can sum the day’s work to a pretty unpleasant train passing. Or was it a pain passing? Either way, this is not the first accident we saw in this scenario, and by all means, it's not going to be the latest...

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