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How to Destroy Four Cars in One Crash, the Russian Way

Yesterday, we saw how a lack of defencive driving skills can cost you in Russia. But what can you do to avoid having your car crashed into if you're standing still and doing absolutely nothing at the crossroads?
How to Destroy Four Cars in One Crash, the Russian Way 1 photo
You're about to watch a collision that takes out four cars in quick succession. It's a jumbled up accident in which not one but two motorists fail to give way. They're going to need a policeman to sort out this one!

The biggest culpret here is the guy in the black Toyota Corolla sedan, who runs a red light, plowing into the front end of a beige Moskvich. This sends him into the side of an old Lexus SUV, which should also have given way to the Moskvich, since it's making a left turn though its lane.

And just think of the legal ramifications of this thing! Three different cars need to be repaired on the ensurance of that black Toyota Corolla that runs the red light. The whole side of that Lexus RX needs to be fixed and that old Moskvich is probably a scrapper.

This accident didn't actually take place in Russia (though it does have that vibe), but in Odessa, the third largest city in Ukraine. As if they didn't have enough problems in that country...

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