Want To Witness the Limit to Big Rig Customization? DMC Shows Off Their Magic

Kenworth Motorhome Conversion 40 photos
Photo: Davies Motor Company / Edited By autoevolution
Kenworth Motorhome ConversionKenworth Two-Tone (Copper and White)Kenworth Motorhome ConversionKenworth Motorhome Conversion (Interior)Kenworth Motorhome ConversionKenworth Motorhome ConversionCustom Kenworth SleeperCustom KenworthKenworth Motorhome Conversion (Shower)Kenworth Motorhome Conversion (Bedroom)Kenworth Motorhome Conversion (Bedroom)Kenworth Motorhome Conversion (Interior)Kenworth Motorhome ConversionKenworth Motorhome ConversionCustom Kenworth SleeperCustom Kenworth SleeperCustom Kenworth SleeperCustom Kenworth SleeperCustom Kenworth SleeperCustom Kenworth SleeperKenworth Motorhome Conversion (Habitat Entrance)Kenworth Motorhome ConversionSleeper InteriorCustom Kenworth (White and Blue)Custom Kenworth (White and Blue)Custom Kenworth (White and Blue)Custom InteriorCustom InteriorCustom InteriorKenworth Two-Tone (Interior)Kenworth Two-Tone (Interior)Kenworth Two-Tone (Copper and White)Kenworth Two-Tone (Copper and White)Custom KenworthCustom Kenworth SleeperCustom InteriorKenworth Motorhome Conversion (Interior)Kenworth Motorhome ConversionKenworth Motorhome Conversion
Remember when we were kids, and we saw an 18-wheeler rolling down the street? What was your first reaction? Typically, that whole arm thing to trigger the airhorns. Well, DMC-touched trucks can do a bit more than just toot a horn. After all, they've been tinkering with big rigs since 1969.
Yes, Davies Motor Company (DMC, not like the rapper) is a crew that's been in the diesel tractor game since 1969 when Russell Davies opened up a repair shop for heavy-duty trucks outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. For the most part of this family-owned shop's life, they primarily focused on fixing up busted rigs, but once the new age rolled in, led by Russell's two sons, Ron and Brad, we started to see DMC focusing more on the customization industry.

And that's really how we got to where we are today, and the reason for my bringing this team to light is that I've lived out of an 18-wheeler for longer than most people. Since my pops owned a company that ran big rigs, his own included, I was sometimes the one pulling the cord to bring a smile to your face. However, the factory-standard Western Star I've lived in is nowhere near the level of a DMC-tampered truck.

Now, the way I ran across this crew was simply by looking for unique and awe-inspiring custom jobs, and it's at this stage that I ran across that absolutely mindboggling Kenworth motorhome conversion you see in the gallery. So let's start with this puppy as the perfect example of what to expect from DMC.

First of all, this crew handles absolutely every single stage of the building process in-house. This means the 3D layouts, furniture, cabinetry, fiberglass shell, lighting, plumbing, and upholstery; all see the DMC touch. Judging by the exterior of this rolling home, fiberglass reigns king, and the habitat comes across as looking a whole lot like that of a tour bus; DMC even integrated slide-outs into the design. Whoever owns this must have dropped a very pretty penny on the build.

Kenworth Motorhome Conversion
Photo: Davies Motor Company
We can also determine the level of DMC's expertise based on the fact that the exterior is clean-cut, with systems and wires all tucked away behind bodywork and typically accessible via the lockers found tattered all over the exterior, some of which are just for storage. Honestly, I've covered lots of custom motorhome teams, and DMC boasts craftsmanship seen at the highest levels of the industry, and once we take a stroll inside, that notion becomes even more apparent.

Be it you enter via the cab, or the habitat side door, the first thing you'll see is nothing more than two massive leather couches sitting across from each other. No fake leather here. Harwood cabinetry showcases the raw wood underneath, telling everyone who visits that you had the bucks to go all out. Hell, if I'm not mistaken, that's granite flooring we see and the countertop too.

Since this area stands as a living space, a galley with residential-sized features is also accessible here. Again, the use of wood reigns supreme and lines the exterior of just about every utility of feature. Can you imagine what this thing smells like? Probably like a little mobile forest. Don't worry about environmental consequences either because wood is a renewable source. Then again, if you drive a mobile CO2 factory like this, I don't think the environment is something that troubles you.

Now, here's where I loved DMC's touch on this project. The rest of the motorhome – the bedroom and bathroom – are cut off from the living area. But, and here's where things get weird, only the toilet receives its own separate enclosure; the shower is just sitting there in the corner of the bedroom, in plain sight of whoever is lying in bed. If you're an artist, imagine the illustrations you'll craft of your lover taking a shower in plain sight. Juicy! Got an OnlyFans account? Just make sure the washing machine isn't exposed, as it's also found integrated into the wardrobe. Whoever owns this unit... kinky!

Kenworth Motorhome Conversion \(Interior\)
Photo: Davies Motor Company
And no, this isn't the only magic rig that deserves a viewing. I've added several other projects and interiors to the gallery. For example, take a look at that two-tone copper and white Kenworth with a ton of chrome, the white Kenworth with a touch of blue blending the gas tanks into the wheel wells, if only visually, and all the variations of interiors that are possible. A few other flashy behemoths are in there too, so really take the time to envelope yourself in DMC's works.

Let's say you fall in love with the work this crew can crank out. If that's the case, there are some things you should know, and the first is that they primarily focus on nothing more than Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. But, their website does state that plans are already underway to include other manufacturers, so pick up the phone or whatever you use to contact the living and get on it.

Secondly, be ready with some cash. Even though there's no information on just how much such a job is going to run you, custom services are rarely cheap. Actually, they're the most expensive around, but the result will be a rolling work of art that cannot and will not be reproduced. "Every sleeper is designed for the individual."

Sounds like Utah really is the place hiding one of America's best-kept trucking secrets.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of projects from Davies Motor Company.

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