BMW Z3 M Coupe Restomod Is a Different 'Clown Shoe' Ideation Than We Imagined

BMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasid 10 photos
Photo: al.yasid / Instagram
BMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasidBMW Z3 M Coupe CGI restomod by al.yasid
Summer is coming, and you can never go wrong with a blue-blooded roadster if you want the wind in your hair. Alternatively, you could avoid the need for sunscreen lotion and hats by choosing a feisty coupe – sometimes even from the same family as the open-top.
For example, one could try to snatch a version of the BMW Z model line of roadsters. With the 'Z' for the German word 'zukunft,' which means future, the nameplate went through no less than four different series and various body styles, from the main roadster to coupe alternates and even sports cars plus concepts. Anyway, for all intents and purposes, we will neither discuss the three generations of Z4s nor the stunning Z1 and Z8 models. Instead, let us talk about the cool little Z3 that lived between 1995 and 2002 as a mix of the technical prowess of the E36 3 Series platform and the old-school rear suspension design of the iconic E30 generation.

While it was primarily marketed as a two-door, two-seater open-top sports car, BMW also produced a two-door coupe. Actually, to be frank, this was more like a three-door Shooting Brake, which also brought with it a heap of jokes and ironies as it was sometimes referred to as a 'bread van' or a 'clown shoe' model! Kidding aside, introducing the M Coupé and M Roadster to the Z3 line was also the first time a high-performance BMW M variant appeared alongside the Z nameplate.

Back in the day, the Z3 M Roadster and Coupe featured a 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission under the hood, with the S54 mill detuned to 315 ponies and the six-speed stick shift missing in action so as not to compete with the more profitable E46-based BMW M3. But, ultimately, that only made it more valuable for collectors and fans alike. On the other hand, due to its low production volume, we are still determining if BMW Z3 M Coupe enthusiasts would approve of extreme restomod ideas.

No worries, no Bavarians were harmed in making this Z3 'Clownshoe' project, as this is all wishful thinking. Instead, we are dealing with yet another outrageous design from London, UK-based virtual artist Al Yasid, who has a habit of making diehard aficionados suddenly experience an impetuous desire to run amok, crying their discontent. The pixel master's creations are a bit on the extreme side of the CGI equation but never in the sense of AI-assisted ideas where you know that something is definitely off. On the contrary, everything with his ideas is pretty bonkers but also always falls neatly into place.

Just think about it for a second. For his BMW seen here embedded below, there are lots of edges, sharper lines, the "ginormous" kidney grille, a louvered rear window, a crazy widebody treatment mixed with a thoroughly slammed attitude, and even a front-hinged engine hood plus oversized Aerodisc aftermarket wheels! The only unknown is what hides inside the CGI engine bay – hopefully, something along the lines of an M4 CSL swap to gain access to the 553-hp 3.0-liter inline-six, for example. Well, that would be cool, right?

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