BMW X5 "Wide Boy" Rendering Looks Like a White Hulk

BMW X5 "Wide Boy" Rendering Looks Like a White Hulk 1 photo
Photo: Brad Builds
A straight piece of road cuts its way through the forest somewhere in Russia, away from the eyes of the law, perfect if you want to max-out a German SUV with local tuning. We're talking about the "Moscow Mile," of which we're reminded by this epic BMW X5 rendering.
We think this event plays a big part in the growth of twin-turbo V8 German monsters. It's where we first got to see 1,000 horsepower AMG 4x4s winning races against manual Gallardos. The local community also came up with some amazing body kits and breathtaking leather interiors. We're looking at you, Topcar!

While some recent German car designs have missed their mark, the new X5 is a home run. It's the perfect mix between a rocket scientist and an MMA fighter, not to mention it's selling by the bucketload in Russia.

It's there that we saw some of the first customized X5s or an M50d doing donuts in a car park. If a racing version like the one in this rendering ever gets developed, we bet it's going to come from Russia too.

Unfortunately, the new X5 has yet to become a widebody monstrosity, as we're dealing with a 3D masterpiece by Brad Builds. Slammed to the ground on Work Wheels, the SUV looks to be about a foot wider than stock. The front extensions suggestively flow out of the bumper. However, the back is a little more gruesome, as the bolt-ons block the rear doors. Do you want a unique look or comfortable passengers? Because you can't have both in this situation.

The adjustable chin splitter makes the German SUV look ready to set some kind of land speed record. Why does nobody want to build the fastest X5 M? Both the Bentayga Speed and the Urus hit about 190 mph (306 km/h), but with these kinds of hardcore alterations, the Bimmer would easily join the 200mph (322 km/h).

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