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BMW E30 Goes for Unexpected M3 Face Swap With Toyota AE86 in the Virtual World

Just about anything is possible in the virtual realm. One could see the 2021 Ford F-150 go for some Rocket League fun with proper neon looks and booster. Or you could stumble upon some of the oddest face swaps ever.
BMW M3 (E30)/Toyota Corolla E80 (AE86) render by carfrontswaps 32 photos
Some of them are so uncanny that we fell for them—like that one time when the French-Italian Bugatti EB 110 exotic got masked with a Subaru Tribeca face. Others, like the Ram 1500 Pacifica minivan, might one day serve as a reference point to automakers when coming up with new ideas for their models.

On the other hand, some examples will cause a negative stir among fans of both sides. The latest idea from the Car Front Swaps Instagram account leans toward that result. Basically, it’s something so incredibly out of place that no one would have thought about it. And not because a mashup between the two models doesn’t make sense (because it does, considering the A90 Supra), but simply because these two cars are literally worlds apart... both geographically and sentimentally.

What we have here is a mix of two wildly popular models of yesteryear. Up front comes the BMW M3 face, which fortunately enough isn’t snatched from the infamous G80 series; instead, we’re dealing with the originally iconic E30 iteration.

Much of the rest of the car belongs to the equally popular AE86 series of the fifth-generation Toyota Corolla (E80). Now, there’s undeniable logic behind setting up the encounter. After all, they’re both legendary cars and with a cult following when it comes to rear-wheel drive sportiness. And don’t even get us started on their popularity for drifting, Club racing, and other forms of motorsport.

But seriously, now, one can push the envelope so far and get away with it. After all, the comments easily illuminate us towards thinking that anything residing on the internet is up for mocking. Otherwise, people wouldn’t suggest this creation brings vibes of another street racing/motorsport legend, the Lancia Delta.

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of the BMW M3 from the E30 series.


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