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Bentley Delays Launch of Its First Electric Vehicle Until 2026, Not Because of VW Setback

Bentley was originally expected to launch its first-ever electric vehicle in 2025, but reports are now saying the British luxury car brand’s EV will only hit global showrooms in 2026.
Bentley's first electric vehicle delayed 8 photos
Bentley Crewe base renderingBentley EXP 100 GT ConceptBentley EXP 100 GT ConceptBentley EXP 100 GT ConceptBentley EXP 100 GT ConceptBentley EXP 100 GT ConceptBentley EXP 100 GT Concept
According to Automotive News Europe, Bentley’s CEO Adrian Hallmark has confirmed that the launch of the automaker’s zero-emissions model has been pushed back a year.

Actually, Hallmark mentions the delay is just a “matter of months” rather than a full year, as the EV was supposed to come out in late 2025. Additionally, the design and development of the vehicle were said to be well-progressed.

“We know the battery, the performance of the battery. The final design is weeks to a couple of months away. [The car] will be an incremental product to the ones we have today and won’t compete with anything we do. We intend to create not just an EV but to shape a segment too,” the CEO declared at the beginning of this year.

The actual reason behind the delay is not revealed, but the brand’s head honcho has made it clear that the pushback is not related to recent reports saying parent company Volkswagen Group is facing issues with the software part for its upcoming electric high-end products.

The fully-electric model is a key part of the company’s Beyond100 plan, which is a massive $3 million initiative.

Bentley wants to completely discontinue sales of models powered by combustion engines and become an electric-only carbon-neutral brand by 2030. As such, it intends to launch five electric vehicles from 2025 through the end of the decade, one each year.

When it finally arrives, the first pure electric model from Bentley promises to produce around 1,400 horsepower (1,419 ps) and complete the 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in one and a half seconds. It will be priced at over €250,000 (around $253,100).


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