Bentley Bentayga by Mulliner Is a Nod to Horse Racing, Apparently

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Bentley Bentayga by MullinerBentley Bentayga by MullinerBentley Bentayga by MullinerBentley Bentayga by Mulliner
Horse racing has probably been around ever since two people riding horses met for the first time. Humans used to compete against each other based on their own abilities, but now it simply became a competition of who could find the quickest horse.
In the meantime, this activity has become something more associated with the aristocracy, even though the common folk is still involved thanks to the bookies. But with horses that cost way more than the very expensive Bentley Bentayga, it's clear not everybody can enter the world of horse racing anymore.

Being the most expensive SUV out there - at least until the Rolls-Royce Cullinan arrives - the Bentayga makes for a perfect fit for this blue-blooded hobby, which must be why Mulliner chose it for its latest conversion.

It's not the first time Mulliner touched a Bentayga, and since the previous effort had a hunting theme, you can certainly spot a pattern developing here. Care to guess what's next? We don't know, but we'd really like to see the one inspired by the game of Bridge.

The vehicle is simply called Bentayga by Mulliner and is a product of Bentley's partnership with The Jockey Club in the United Kingdom. In fact, there isn't an ounce of the SUV that isn't profoundly British (apart from the German V12, maybe), starting with the exterior color that's called Spruce Green.

If you think it looks awfully similar to the legendary British Racing Green, then you're on to something because that's where it drew its inspiration from. The exterior appearance is rounded off by the Blackline Specification trim pieces and 21-inch wheels. The result is probably the most desirable Bentayga we've seen so far.

Though we didn't think it was possible, the interior manages to be even more British. The dashboard is covered in Burr Walnut wood, the leather on the seats replicates the one you'd find on a saddle, and there are even tweed inserts. We'd make a joke about it only missing a bit of Marmite for the complete British feel, but we realize that's not exactly the kind of food the target of this vehicle identifies with.

Speaking of its target, the term is mostly inappropriate. The unique vehicle is not for sale, but will adorn the Bentley booth at the Cheltenham Festival instead. The company is likely to use it afterward for other horse racing-related events.
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