Beautifully Crafted Tiny Is Both a Home and a Workshop, Totally Off-Grid

Tiny homes often incorporate an office area for those who work remotely. But what about folks who need an entire workshop? This tiny space built in Spain proves that a home and a workshop can co-exist despite size limitations. The masterfully crafted Art-easan is a beautiful example of sustainable construction, off-grid capabilities, and rustic design.
The Art-easan is a custom-made tiny house and workshop with off-grid capabilities 16 photos
Photo: Serena House
Art-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeArt-easan Tiny HomeSerena House Workshop in BarcelonaSerena House Workshop in Barcelona
A tiny house on wheels that can also double as a mobile workshop would be the dream house for an artistic couple. The Art-easan was custom-built for a couple like this by the renowned Serena House. This company specializes in off-grid, sustainable tiny homes that aren’t big on luxury but on functionality and comfort.

The Art-easan is slightly bigger than most of the Serena House designs. It is 8 meters wide (26 feet) and 4 meters tall (13 feet), with a width of 2.5 meters (8 feet). This makes it large enough to accommodate two people comfortably, integrate a work area, and even provide optional accommodations for three more people (thanks to the huge convertible sofa).

Described as a “multi-purpose XL space,” the Art-easan was based on the brand’s Penates XL format. As its name suggests, this design is perfect for those who want a bit more space, which makes it ideal for a workshop that’s also a mobile home.

Art\-easan Tiny Home
Photo: Serena House
Unlike all the other Serena House formats, the Penates XL doesn’t need to comply with the 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs) weight limit because it features an independent platform instead of a trailer. This means a truck can tow it anywhere, but it doesn't come on a road-legal trailer, like the smaller tiny houses. Thanks to this, the large format is much more flexible in terms of configuration, allowing bigger windows or more insulation.

The Art-easan is a custom version of the Penates XL, which boasts a loft bedroom, a generous kitchen, and unusually-large storage space under the living room. Best of all, it’s also entirely self-sufficient.

The ground floor area integrates a living room, the actual workshop area, an impressive kitchen, and a compact bathroom. Even so, the living room is larger than you’d expect. Surrounded by windows, it reveals a modular six-people seater that can convert to a bed. Plenty of storage is integrated into the seats and under the living area platform itself.

An adorable stove keeps things cozy year-long, while the work area sits in front of an oversized window for maximum light.

One of the best things about this Spanish brand is that most of the furniture is custom-made. The Art-easan’s kitchen and bathroom reveal beautiful details for an elevated rustic style. Things like the solid countertop, the interesting shelf above the sink, or the unusual bathroom vanity give this space a personal touch and unique character.

The use of a ladder instead of a staircase is more in line with the idea of a workshop, especially an artistic one. The loft bedroom isn’t big on space or light (you won’t see the typical large windows on both sides), but functionality is emphasized by adding even more storage.

Like all Serena House models, the Art-easan is a fine example of sustainability and self-sufficiency. It boasts a wooden structure with breathable walls for natural humidity regulation, and it’s built using traditional techniques inspired by the Nordic countries. Only ecological fibers are used for thermal and acoustic insulation, and the exterior paint is eco-friendly.

Serena House Workshop in Barcelona
Photo: Serena House
One of the best things about the Art-easan is that it is packed with modern appliances yet entirely autonomous. The kitchen includes a four-burner stovetop, an oven, and a rustic stove in the living area.

With no connection or foundation, this tiny is 100% off-grid, thanks to a complete solar system and a gas installation. Plus, it’s fitted with a plan for rainwater collection and filtration. On the outside, it includes a washing machine and an outdoor tank with a generous 1,000 liters (264 gallons) capacity.

The Serena House models can include as many off-grid features as their customers want. Solar panels and batteries are essential for energy autonomy, while rainwater harvesting, filtration, and depositing ensure water autonomy. A composting toilet is added to eliminate black water, and an efficient phytofiltration system is used to process grey water.

Art-easan is just as beautiful and comfortable as a typical tiny house, incorporating a functional work area. The fact that it’s entirely autonomous and easily moved to any location takes the idea of work freedom to a new level. Who wouldn’t love to work on their art in such a beautiful space?

In terms of costs, the Penates XL format starts at €73,795 ($81,000) for the turnkey version. But the best part is that the off-grid setup is supposed to reduce living costs afterward drastically. Plus, the Art-easan is built to last for generations and to be entirely recyclable – good for people and good for the environment.
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