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Remarkably Stylish Off-Grid Tiny House Brings Luxury and Freedom Together

The glamping concept has reached incredible levels – you can spend the most amazing time in remote areas, surrounded by wild nature, without feeling the absence of your own home’s comfort. If “off-grid luxury” is a real thing, the Maldhi tiny house embodies it.
Maldhi is a brand-new tiny home that's both off-grid and remarkably luxurious 13 photos
Maldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny HouseMaldhi Tiny House
Forget cheerful, luminous vacation homes that seem to have dropped straight from a TV commercial. This unique tiny home is moody, dark, and wild. The name Maldhi means “night sky” in Barngarla, the language spoken by the Indigenous Australians in the area where this cabin was built. On the south coast of the Eyre Peninsula, this unusual refuge lets you get closer to kangaroos, whales, and the natural surroundings.

It’s the latest build of Eyre.Way, an Australian eco-tourism company. This is the first summer for Maldhi, a unique home that is both off-grid and sophisticated. A family of four can be comfortably accommodated, thanks to the mezzanine bedroom and an additional large bed at the rear of the home. Plus, the sofa can also become an extra bed.

The large windows connect those inside with the outdoors and also reveal an unusually “edgy” interior style with dark accents. The bathroom is beautifully designed and well equipped, boasting a two-person shower, and the kitchen is perfectly fit for gourmet meals. In addition to the fridge, gas cooktop, and full-size sink, it boasts a modern stone-top breakfast bar.

An off-grid haven, Maldhi is powered entirely by a solar and battery system, enough to provide seven hours of power and hot water per day. Guests also benefit from high-speed Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Sustainability is another important aspect of this tiny house. The water tanks are filled with rainwater collected from a nearby city, and the grey water tank is disposed of off-site. All the linens and mattresses inside are also friendly to the environment.

Staying at the new Maldhi tiny house starts at AUS $450 (around $315) per night – luxury isn’t cheap, even if it’s off-grid.

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