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'Batsy' Dodge Charger Is What Batman Would Drive, if He Lived Next to a Drive-Through

What’s your favorite mod for the Dodge Charger? If it involves a dizzying amount of power, then you should go for it, unless you already have, as there is always room for one more punchy muscle sedan.
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Dodge ChargerDodge ChargerDodge ChargerDodge ChargerDodge Charger
The person whose name is written on the dotted line of the pictured Dodge Charger, however, would probably beg to disagree, and they’d tell you that it needs some bat logos, because everyone knows that the Dark Knight would drive such a car, maybe if Alfred was his cousin, and they lived next to a drive through.

We may not agree with the whole purple body, black racing stripes, yellow accents, and custom bat logos visible on the outside, and probably on various parts of the interior too, but we wouldn’t call it [email protected] either, and certainly not ‘batsy,’ like the license plate says. Nonetheless, certain Redditors have, and as a result, it can now be found in the ‘ugly’ car mods thread.

At the time of writing, this was the only picture of it that we could find, which is kind of sad, as we would’ve liked to see the back end too, and maybe to catch a glimpse of the interior. Still, it is what it is, and perhaps it would have been more head-turning, for all the right reasons, if the owner had decided to go for the murdered-out looks. After all, that, and the crazy design, not to mention the multitude of gadgets used to fight crime in Gotham City, is what makes the real Batmobile appealing.

On the other hand, it could have been worse, much worse, if they gave it oversized wheels, and a flashier paint finish/wrap, sprinkling everything with numerous speakers, hooked up to an aftermarket screen. It’s been done, in case you missed it, and one such ride can be seen here. But don’t forget to take a closer look at the one pictured in the gallery above before leaving this page.


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