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Android Auto Uses Gigabytes of Storage for a Very Simple Reason

Like the rest of the Android apps, Android Auto comes in a rather small package, and this makes it appropriate for pretty much any device running Google’s mobile operating system.
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As everybody knows already, the Android ecosystem includes all kinds of devices, beginning with super affordable models that cost less than $100 and ending with premium-priced smartphones that can be yours for more than $1,000.

Low-end devices typically come with very limited storage, in some cases going as low as 16GB, which could often be a problem if you install lots of apps and take plenty of photos.

Android Auto could also contribute to this storage struggle, despite the fact that in the default configuration it shouldn’t exceed 100MB on the device. And it all happens for a very simple reason.

When the developer settings are enabled on Android Auto, the application can be configured to run debug logging in the background, which means that it stores information on how everything runs when you launch it.

The purpose of this feature is to help track everything Android Auto does in an attempt to diagnose bugs and resolve them by looking at the data that’s captured in the logs. Obviously, this isn’t necessarily something that’s aimed at beginners, but such information could actually be useful if you’re reaching out to Google to deal with a specific issue and the support team needs to analyze the data.

So if Android Auto ends up eating too much space on your device, just head over to the developer settings in the app and check if debug logging is enabled. If it is, simply unchecking the option (tap the toggle so it’s no longer activated) should also remove the logs that have been created, thus cleaning the storage and freeing up space that you can use for anything else.

Of course, if something goes wrong you can enable debug logging at a later time once again.


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