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Android Auto Randomly Disconnecting Is the New Struggle Nobody Can Fix

There are many things that Google needs to fix in the Android Auto world, and one of them is a random disconnecting that happens occasionally for a number of users.
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First reported in May this year, the problem is yet to be acknowledged by Google, which means that users are still all alone in their attempt to deal with the whole thing.

And unfortunately, nobody has managed to find a fix, despite trying pretty much everything. Switching cables, reinstalling the app, clearing the cache, and other generic workarounds do nothing to improve the experience with Android Auto, and users complain that the app just keeps losing the connection to the car at random moments.

This happens regardless of the phone model or car manufacturer, with reports coming from Samsung, Google, and Huawei device owners.

Some claim that the issue was actually introduced by an Android Auto update, while others believe that installing Android 10 was what broke down the app in their cars.

Since the update for the phone this week sometime (or the update for AA, I'm unsure) It will not work at all. It connects just fine, but when I click the icon on my car's screen to use the AA app it disconnects for about 5 seconds and reconnects. I attempt to hit the button again, same thing. I have tried a different cable, resetting the car's screen to factory, deleting and reinstalling the app, double checking permissions,” someone explains on Google’s forums.

More recent posts indicate that the latest updates don’t correct this odd behavior – Samsung has recently released the One UI 2.1 update, which resolves a long-time Google Assistant issue, but as it turns out, it doesn’t address the random disconnecting that happens on some devices.

A new Android Auto is projected to launch in late August or early September, but given Google hasn’t yet acknowledged the glitch, there’s almost no chance to see this fixed in the upcoming release.


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