American Billionaire’s Vacation Toy Is a Gorgeous Rebuilt Classic Masterpiece

One of the luxury pleasure craft recently spotted off the Welsh coast is the stunning superyacht owned by one of America’s billionaire families. It seems that the majestic vessel is on a UK tour – a great opportunity for others to admire this award-winning rebuilt classic Feadship.
A2 is a 1983 yacht that was rebuilt in 2011 and kept in great shape to this day 12 photos
A2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury YachtA2 Classic Luxury Yacht
Feadship is a name that’s linked to some of the most spectacular yachts in the world, whether we’re talking about modern vessels with the latest innovations or classic boats that stood the test of time. A2 was first delivered back in 1983 for one of the wealthiest men in America, William Bennett. He was the founder of a gaming company called Circus Circus Enterprises, so the yacht was first known as Circus II. It changed owners and names throughout the years, but 2011 was a turning point.

That’s when it was allegedly purchased by George Lindemann, a billionaire businessman who pumped millions into the yacht’s extensive refit. The Pendennis shipyard was in charge of the transformation, with a spectacular result – the hull was extended from 42 to 47 meters (138 to 154 feet), a new master suite was incorporated, all the systems were re-engineered, and it was fitted with the latest AV equipment. The rebuilt beauty won the 2013 World Superyacht Award for the best-Rebuilt Yacht.

The impressive refit also resulted in improved performance for the A2, which can now easily hit 14 knots (16 mph/26 kph). The luxurious interior was redesigned by the New York-based Peter Marino Architect. The main salon was extended, and a second one, mainly for the owner’s private use, was added to the upper deck. Precious materials and works of art were used to create the sophisticated interior while also keeping the boat’s classic charm.

At the beginning of this year, A2 got its looks and systems refreshed again after having completed its ten-year survey in 2021. The hull was repainted, its interiors were upgraded, and its engine room systems were thoroughly serviced. The classic yacht was now ready for the upcoming summer season.

According to the Daily Post, its most recent stop was the Welsh coast, after also having been spotted near London and in the north of England. It seems that its billionaire owners are the ones enjoying a UK tour since this beautiful yacht is not available for charter.

George Lindemann passed away a few years ago, but the luxury yacht reportedly stayed in the family. Its worth is estimated at $20 million, and this is by no means an affordable toy, as it costs around $1 million per year just to maintain. Among all the new superyachts with their flashy features, it’s refreshing to see a 1983 Feadship masterpiece that hasn’t lost its timeless elegance.


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