All Android Auto Bugs Reported on Android 12

A major Android update is obviously good news for users of Google’s mobile operating system, as such releases typically come with massive improvements and new features.
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Android 12 was therefore received with much excitement by the entire Android userbase out there, but some of them ended up regretting the rush to install the update.

It’s all because of the nightmare experience on Android Auto that Android 12 seems to create, as Google’s forums are filled with complaints from people who can no longer get the app up and running after installing the new OS version.

In other words, Android 12 is causing all kinds of problems on Android Auto, and given the downgrade is most often the only workaround, the impacted users have no other options than to just wait for Google to come up with a fix.

Today, we’re going to discuss the most common issues reported on Android Auto after the update to Android 12, and at the end of the article, you’ll find a summary of all bugs reported so far, along with the current status of the investigation.

Android Auto no longer running at all

Without a doubt, the most common problem on Android Auto after the installation of Android 12 comes down to the app no longer running at all.

Users complain here on Google’s forums that connecting their mobile devices to the head units in their cars, using the same hardware configuration as before the update, doesn’t seem to allow Android Auto to run. Nothing happens, these users claim, and regardless of the workarounds they’ve tried, Android Auto just seems dead.

The connection still works, it seems, as the phone starts charging, but for some reason, the app doesn’t start on the head unit.

Google confirmed back in November that it needed phone logs to look into these reports, but no further updates on the investigation have been provided since then.

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Google Pixel 6 connection not recognized

It’s not clear if this is a problem that’s specific to Android 12 or the Google Pixel 6, but it also happens on the latest Google mobile operating system.

There are close to 600 upvotes for a discussion thread where hundreds of users are complaining of the whole thing, and all report the same behavior: the connection between a Pixel 6 and the Android Auto-compatible head unit is not recognized.

Everything is working just fine with another Pixel phone, and this kind of suggest the problem comes down to either the Pixel 6 or Android Auto.

Google last replied on November 9 and said it needed bug reports from phones to continue the investigation.

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No notifications on Android 12

This is another widespread problem, as users have been complaining that getting notifications (from first-party and third-party apps, as well as for messages) is no longer possible on Android Auto.

This happens after the update to Android 12, and none of the workarounds users have turned to produce an improvement.

Needless to say, this kind of defeats the purpose of having the phone connected to the head unit, and users claim the issue happens regardless of the phone model. Samsung and Google devices are confirmed to be affected.

Google replied on November 18 and acknowledged the problem, but a fix is yet to be released.

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Android Auto bugs on Android 12

  • Android Auto not launching – Last status (November 5): Google requested phone logs
  • Google Pixel 6 failing to launch Android Auto – Last status (November 9): Google requested phone logs
  • Notifications broken on Android Auto – Last status (November 18): Bug acknowledged
  • Screen/icons zoomed in on Xiaomi phones – Last status (February 20): Google requested phone logs
  • No text messages on Android 12 – Last status (January 30): Fix released
  • Sporadic voice commands issues on Android 12 – Last status (February 20): Unconfirmed
  • Google Maps missing from Android Auto – Last status (February 7): Google requested phone logs
  • Sporadic phone call issues after Android 12: Last status (February 20): Unconfirmed
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