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Alfa Romeo 4C Ad Suggests Driving Is Like Making Love

Alfa Romeo is marking the US market launch of the 4C, which is admittedly a bit delayed, with this awesome TV spot that is sure to get the blood boiling.
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Since it's been put together by the same people who make Chrysler ads, it has the same "Imported from Detroit" vibe, though it replaces the American stuff with a liberal sprinkling of Italian sportscar cliches… well, not cliches… more like stereotypes.

The one and only mid-engined Alfa Romeo is driven vigorously on twisting mountain roads and turns a few heads in the city. All the time, the deep voice of a narrator explains how driving the 4C is a feeling akin to making love to a beautiful woman. How's that for sexy?

This ad is so dirty and provocative, you don't want to watch it when your mother in law is around. Heck, get rid of the wife as well, because she's bound to get a little jealous.

"Alfa Romeo USA brings passion and performance to North America. The real essence of Alfa Romeo. To move a man's spirit we deal in the realm of sensation. Passions. Things that have as much to do with the heart as the head. This, is Alfa Romeo," the company says.

The 4C is so sexy that any detail is irrelevant, but just in case you're wondering, the 1.75-liter uses a turbo to deliver 237 p and 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) to the rear via Alfa's twin-clutch transmission (TCT).

The first production Alfa Romeo available in America after about 35 years can be yours from as little as $54,000… as long as you stay away from the options list.

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