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In a galaxy far, far away lies the home of legendary heroes, villains, epic battles, stunning vistas, and last but not least, vessels of destruction that are quite literally cutting-edge. Let's face it, the vehicles in 'Star Wars' are as iconic as the characters that bring this universe to life. It's a franchise that captured the imagination of Sci-Fi fans and gearheads alike, and these video games remind them of everything they love about it.
'Star Wars' introduced us to technology as fascinating as it is deadly, from terrestrial behemoths to interstellar cruisers. Vehicles like the AT-AT, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and Millennium Falcon are just a few examples of memorable vehicle designs capable of inspiring even auto enthusiasts with no recollection of the movies.

Besides being vital for interplanetary travel, these machines were basically instrumental in winning wars. Of course, weaving all these technological elements cohesively into a narrative that spans across galaxies is no easy feat; showcasing everything in a single video game is even harder.

Although there's certainly no shortage of 'Star Wars' video games, not all of them effectively incorporate every aspect of the films into their gameplay. Make no mistake, there are dozens of great 'Star Wars' games to choose from, such as 'Knights of The Old Republic,' 'The Old Republic,' 'Jedi: Fallen Order' and 'The Force Unleashed.'

However, these games focus more on character development, exploration, and progression than the films' central plot – the war itself. So, this May The Fourth, let's remember the best 'Star Wars' games that allowed us to experience the war from both sides of the spectrum, all while letting us drive some of the coolest rides in this side of the galaxy.

Star Wars: X-Wing / TIE Fighter

Star Wars\: X\-Wing vs TIE Fighter
Photo: Totally Games / Steam
Released in 1993 and 1994, these retro titles were the first games to ever let players fly the eponymous spaceships freely instead of simply moving on rails. Experiencing this degree of maneuverability was a blast for players back then. Its relatively detailed X-Wing cockpit only added to the immersion of participating in the film's exhilarating cosmic dogfights.

The sequel, 'X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter,' further improved the formula by pitting two of the series' most iconic vehicles against each other. Despite technological constraints, these video games still provided what many were so eager to experience: a 'Star Wars' game in the truest sense of the name.

Star Wars: Empire At War

Star Wars\: Empire at War
Photo: Petroglyph / Steam
The 2006 real-time strategy game 'Star Wars: Empire At War' has most of what made the films great. It features a full-scale interplanetary war, familiar faces and, like in the movies, some good 'ole strategic takeovers. Don't let its simplistic RTS visuals fool you, though; 'Empire At War' offers a comprehensive experience not found in other 'Star Wars' games. This includes allowing players to alter the course of history as they see fit and, yes, letting them commandeer enormous battleships like an Imperial Star Destroyer.

As if that wasn't enough reason for fans to consider this the best 'Star Wars' game ever made, just wait until they get a hold of the dreaded Death Star and control it to their liking. If you need a constant reminder of what happened to Alderaan, this is the perfect game for you.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars\: Squadrons
Photo: EA Star Wars / YouTube
For anyone who wanted to go ridiculously fast after seeing the film's high-speed chases, there's no better game for doing that than 'Star Wars: Squadrons.' This 2020 first-person space shooter brings everything fans loved about the retro 'X-Wing/TIE Fighter' into the modern era, then cranks those features up to 11. Some of the films' famous starfighters and environments were painstakingly recreated in the game, leading to breathtaking visuals both from inside the cockpit and out.

No other 'Star Wars' game comes close to 'Squadrons' in delivering the most immersive space combat experience. What separates it from similar modes found in other 'Star Wars' titles is its robust customization system to make your pilot and starship feel right at home in this universe. What starship would be complete without an Ewok bobble-head on its dashboard, right? Needless to say, playing it in Virtual Reality is probably the closest you could get to experiencing a war among the stars firsthand, without fearing for your life, of course.

Star Wars Battlefront II Remake

Star Wars Battlefront II
Photo: DICE / Electronic Arts
The 2015 remake of 'Star Wars Battlefront II' is a game that unites all types of fans. For starters, it features characters, environments, and vehicles from all three 'Star Wars' trilogies. Whether you fancy playing as characters from a specific era or prefer land warfare over aerial dogfights, the game offers something for everyone. Enough weapon tech, characters, and vehicle variety are available here to please players with differing tastes, including easter eggs only true fans could unearth.

Aside from reliving some of the best battles in cinematic history, it also gives you keys to the film's most legendary starships. In one moment, you're flying Han Solo's Millennium Falcon; in another, you're chasing after it on Boba Fett's Slave I. For people who enjoy driving just as much as they love watching 'Star Wars,' there's a certain joy to finally be in the cockpit of these beloved starships and experience how they perform. Does anyone else feel like doing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs yet?

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Classic
Photo: Pandemic Studios / Steam
That's right, another game bearing the same title makes the list. The original 'Star Wars Battlefront II might not have looked as stunning, but it still offered an experience not even the remake could provide – a seamless, chaotic battle of epic proportions. We're talking hundreds of units duking it out on the screen, with manned vehicles gliding and flying everywhere on the battlefield rather than in the background.

Unlike in the remake, players no longer have to rack up points just to use their favorite rides. Feel like taking the zippy Snowspeeder or the ginormous AT-AT for a spin? If you can see it from a distance, you can drive it; simply walk next to it, then get in. Land and air battles don't need certain phases to occur; they just happen instantaneously, making skirmishes look like pure pandemonium.

It's arguably the best 'Star Wars' game ever made based on the wealth of match customization options alone. The level of freedom here makes it easy to forget that it preceded the remake by a full decade. No strict requirements, controversial loot boxes, or any unnecessary drama here. Just 'Star Wars' in its simplest, purest form for everyone, not just fans, to enjoy right away.
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