2,500-HP Lamborghini Gallardo Breaks Own Record, Makes 250-MPH Look Easy

Lamborghini Gallardo 2,500 HP 6 photos
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/1320video
Lamborghini Gallardo 2,500 HPLamborghini Gallardo 2,500 HPLamborghini Gallardo 2,500 HPLamborghini Gallardo 2,500 HPLamborghini Gallardo 2,500 HP
There are two types of race car owners, those obsessed with cars and those obsessed with titles. This 2,500 hp Lamborghini Gallardo owner won’t quit when it comes to bagging the fastest car titles. He’s the second-quickest man in a GT-R and is currently looking to break his own 244 mph (392 kph) Gallardo record. Kyle Loftis from 1320video was fortunate enough to capture him break his record.
Gidi from Underground Racing is not new to 1320video. In a recent event, his R35 GT-R won the title of fastest GT-R. He wants the same for his other toy, a twin-turbo 2,500 hp Lamborghini Gallardo. Gidi is also the Gallardo overall record holder at 244 mph. He’s aiming for 260 mph (418 kph).

He does 241 mph (388 kph) in the Gallardo on his first pass, which is impressive for a shakedown. The team back at the stand feels he would have done better and blamed it on driver error. Gidi agrees he spun the wheels during take-off, chopping off considerable time on his first pass.

“250 would be nice if the car runs well and I don’t make any mistakes, you know,” he said before going for the second pass.

True to his prediction, he does 249 mph (401 kph) on his second pass, a second shy from 250 mph, smashing his record by 4 seconds. After the second pass, Gidi still feels he can push out a little more from the Lamborghini Gallardo if he launches it right.

The last pass on the first day comes down to 249.04 mph. Gidi spaced out and spun hard on take-off. He still won but felt that would have been an easy 255 mph (410 kph) if he took off right.

Day two starts on a high note. Gidi hits 253 mph on his first pass, 10-mph faster than he was on day one. He sets a new target for the day, 260 mph, which is the overall half-mile record held by a Huracan.

His last pass is 252.95 mph (408 kph), right where he ran earlier. It was a much better launch, but he still spun a few feet from take-off. He decides not to run a final pass and settles for 253 mph. He feels that’s the best the Gallardo can give considering the conditions.

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