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2022 Tesla Model Y EPA Ratings Include Standard Range RWD That Doesn’t Exist

Discontinued from the U.S. market in February 2021 because its driving range left much to be desired, the Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD has come back into focus via the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.
2022 Tesla Model Y EPA ratings 13 photos
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Listed with 244 miles (make that 393 kilometers), just like the 2021 model, the 2022 Model Y features the very same combined rating of 129 MPGe as before. In other words, we're dealing with the same 2170 lithium-ion battery cells.

Moving over to the Long Range AWD, the 2022 model is flexing 330 miles (531 kilometers) and 122 MPGe with the standard 19-inch wheels compared to 326 miles (524 kilometers) and 125 MPGe. The Performance AWD stays put with 303 miles (488 kilometers) of combined range and 111 MPGe.

The best-selling Tesla in the United States of America, the Model Y, is presently available to purchase from $58,990 for the Long Range and $63,990 for the Performance. These prices don't include the $1,200 destination charge, and as you’re well aware, a tax credit isn’t available for the time being. The Senate will vote on the Build Back Better Act in January 2022, a $1.85 trillion social spending bill that includes a $12,500 EV tax credit.

Ordering a Tesla Model Y is a straightforward process, but as you probably know by now, delivery times are borderline atrocious. The Long Range, for example, is currently listed with a delivery window of July 2022. As for the Performance, the Texas-based carmaker can make it happen in February.

Both variants can be specified with a $1,000 tow hitch capable of pulling 3,500 pounds (1,588 kilograms) at the expense of your Model Y’s range. The dual-motor crossover is also available with a $1,000 black-and-white interior, while the $3,000 three-row layout is exclusive to the Long Range.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is arguably the biggest thorn in the Model Y’s side due to its Mustang-inspired styling and superior build quality. On paper, the driving range and performance figures aren’t too shabby either.

Editor's note: Model Y IIHS crash test photos also featured in the gallery.


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