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2020 Toyota Supra Butt Lift for Mk IV Supra Looks Sharp, Faux Vents Included

There are car lovers out there who believe the 2020 Toyota Supra should look more like its Mk IV predecessor. But what if somebody tried to do things the other way around? Well, the rendering we have here comes to answer that question.
2020 Toyota Supra Butt Lift for Mk IV Supra 4 photos
2020 Toyota Supra butt lift for Mk IV Supra2020 Toyota Supra butt lift for Mk IV Supra2020 Toyota Supra butt lift for Mk IV Supra
This pixel work brings a facelift for the 1990s Supra, albeit with the term being a bit loose in this case - actually, it's the posterior of the Japanese machine that received attention.

To be more precise, the Mk IV Toyota Supra has received a rear bumper styled just like the one of the Mk V, with the most prominent changes being the lower valance and the faux vents on the side. Speaking of which, as explained by Toyota, these vents are there so that aftermarket developers who come up with serious upgrades for the new model can make use of them.

Now, the digital artist who came up with this butt lift (more on this below), worked on a photo that already places a 2020 Supra next to the Mk IV, so spotting the fresh material added to the latter should come easy. For one thing, the old Supra didn't pack dual exhaust tips and the rendering stuck to that.

In fact, you can notice the original pic in the second Instagram post below, which comes from the owner of the targeted Supra. Zooming in on the car, it becomes obvious that it has received lower rear bumper additions that make it appear more modern.

As for the wing, once again, the aero element can be found on the car and wasn't digitally added - this seems to be the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) unit the carmaker offered back in the day.

The digital artist behind this Photoshop job, who uses the demiurgefd label, should know a thing or two about the Mk IV Supra, since he owns a modded 1995 model, with a pair of turbos being in the game.

In fact, as those of you tuned into our Speed Shot stories (there's a tag for that) might know, this isn't the first time when the said label has created a bridge between the two Supra generations. For instance, last time we talked about such a rendering, it was all about bringing the styling DNA of the Mk IV into the cabin of the Mk V Supra.


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