2017 Tesla Model X Is Reviewed by the Owner After Five Years, Here Are the Pros and Cons

Like with any other car bought brand new, five years of ownership will allow the customer to explore everything there’s to it. This 2017 Tesla Model X displays over 90,000 miles (144,800 kilometers) on the odometer, and the buyer is now going public with their honest opinion about it. There are some pros and some cons, but the bottom line is a positive one. Here’s their take.
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If you’re pondering about buying a used Tesla Model X, then you stumbled across a good piece of information. The person behind the What’s Inside? Family YouTube channel is one of the first people who believed in Elon Musk’s auto company. That’s why they bought a Tesla Model X right as the automaker introduced the six- or seven-seater SUV on the market. They spent over $100,000 on this vehicle five years ago. Now they want you to know the good and the bad.

Starting with the positives, the YouTuber introduces the actual owner and driver of the Model X 100D – his wife. She says the five years spent with the vehicle made her fall in love with it. Then he takes over and lists the pros first. The falcon and the automatic opening doors, the comfortable seats, the massive yet well-tinted windshield, the LiDAR sensors that allow for higher Autopilot speeds, and the “dance” functionality are what made the ownership experience better.

On the other hand, the YouTuber says the infotainment screen has problems with the display that experiences some yellowing. The five-year-old Model X also gives him range anxiety because the computer can’t properly anticipate the charging needs when road tripping. Another dislike is the silver trims used on the exterior that don’t look as good as the blacked-out ones. He also points out that the SUV can’t charge as fast as the newer models. Speaking from personal experience, the YouTuber says he must wait a lot more plugged in – around 30 minutes for 50 miles (80 kilometers). This happens even when the vehicle’s connected to a V3 Supercharger that’s able to reach charging speeds of up to 250 kW.

His family also owns a Model Y and a Tesla Model S Long Range. The YouTuber says he prefers to take the Model S on longer trips because it anticipates charging needs better.

Because his wife gets around with the 2017 Model X the most, she gets to answer the most important question – “Will you sell it?” She says that’s not a plan worth pursuing now because the vehicle is still good and performs well enough, but if that would be the case in the future, she would prefer a Model Y. The crossover is cheaper, charges faster, and has better range.

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