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1970 Dodge Challenger Plum Crazy Destroyed in Garage Fire Is Literally a Burn Find

Nobody can deny a Plum Crazy Challenger is a beautiful car to look at, especially when it comes in mint condition with everything shining like on day one.
1970 Dodge Challenger 6 photos
1970 Dodge Challenger1970 Dodge Challenger1970 Dodge Challenger1970 Dodge Challenger1970 Dodge Challenger
On the other hand, there are a lot of such Challengers getting pulled from storage after years of sitting, and it goes without saying, these aren’t exactly the head turners you’d expect such a classic to really be.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re no longer worth a chance. They are, and the barn find part only adds to their vintage appeal, sometimes making them even more valuable.

But what we have here, however, isn’t a barn find, but a burn find, literally.

This 1970 Challenger, once painted in Plum Crazy, has been completely wrecked by a garage fire, and right now, it’s in the condition you can see in the photo gallery.

If you’re tempted to believe the car coped with the fire pretty well, don’t be. The Craigslist seller themselves explains it doesn’t even roll properly, so trying to bring this car back to the road is something not only ambitious but also nearly impossible given the damage it received.

If there’s anything good on this Challenger, it’s probably the frame, as the seller says it’s still good, though otherwise, whoever wants to give the Dodge a second chance would pretty much have to rebuild it from the ground up.

In case you’re wondering what’s under the hood, there’s a 318 (5.2-liter) V8 in there, though it’s not like such information matters anymore. The engine is obviously dead, but of course, this isn’t necessarily a surprise, as pretty much everything else outside, inside, and under the hood is likely beyond rescue.

And yet, the owner of this completely destroyed Challenger still doesn’t want to let this car go for cheap. The “car” can be yours today for no more, no less than $8,500.

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