12K-Mile 1999 Suzuki TL1000R Will Have You Begging the Warm Season to Arrive Sooner

Even though the TL1000R may not be as iconic as the revered GSX-R, it’s still a force to be reckoned with.
1999 Suzuki TL1000R 9 photos
1999 Suzuki TL1000R1999 Suzuki TL1000R1999 Suzuki TL1000R1999 Suzuki TL1000R1999 Suzuki TL1000R1999 Suzuki TL1000R1999 Suzuki TL1000R1999 Suzuki TL1000R
The ‘99 MY Suzuki TL1000R is brought to life by a liquid-cooled 996cc V-twin juggernaut, featuring dual overhead cams and a total of eight valves. When the crankshaft spins at around 9,500 revs per minute, this vicious piece of fuel-injected machinery will go about producing as much as 135 hp.

On the other hand, a peak torque output of 78 pound-feet (106 Nm) is what you’ll be experiencing lower down the rpm range. This force travels to the rear chain-driven wheel via a six-speed transmission, thus enabling Suzuki’s two-wheeled spartan to hit speeds of up to 165 mph (266 kph).

When prompted, the Japanese predator will be more than happy to slaughter the quarter-mile sprint in no more than 11.2 face-melting ticks. The powertrain components are housed inside an aluminum twin-spar skeleton, which is supported by inverted telescopic forks up front and a rotary damping setup on the opposite end.

As far as braking duties go, the bike’s front hoop is brought to a halt thanks to dual 320 mm (12.6 inches) discs and six-piston calipers, while the rear unit sports a single 220 mm (8.7 inches) brake rotor and a two-piston caliper. Finally, the TL1000R weighs 434 pounds (197 kg) without fluids.

In addition, the specimen pictured in this article’s photo gallery received fresh liquids and a modern battery under current ownership. Its repainted three-spoke hoops have been fitted with Pirelli Angel GT tires that show 2013 and 2014 date codes. In terms of mileage, the machine’s odometer reads a mere 12,350 miles (19,900 km).

This majestic 1999 TL1000R is currently up for grabs on Iconic Motorbike Auctions, though the top bid of $5,100 doesn’t quite meet the reserve price. Should you be feeling a bit more generous, make sure you visit the IMA website before tomorrow evening (December 30), as that’s when the online auction will end.

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