YouTuber Finds That It's Unexpectedly Hard to Give College Students Free Cars and Money

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Giving Away Free Cars to Reluctant and Surprised College StudentsGiving Away Free Cars to Reluctant and Surprised College StudentsGiving Away Free Cars to Reluctant and Surprised College StudentsGiving Away Free Cars to Reluctant and Surprised College StudentsGiving Away Free Cars to Reluctant and Surprised College Students
A YouTuber bought three cars with the sole goal of giving them away for free to young people who don’t own a vehicle. He thought it was going to be easy to find an owner for each of them among students who were crossing or going near a college campus. It proved to be somewhat difficult, even though those selected also received some cold, hard cash.
Would you accept a stranger’s proposition to get a free car? No? Well, even if it would’ve been made on a bright, sunny day? Still no? Then you would have most likely missed out on a great opportunity. Some young students did this and they surely regretted it later.

A guy that specialized in making interesting YouTube videos with a high click-through rate decided that a good skit for a new one would be to give young people in college free cars and money. So, he did what anyone else with this idea would’ve done and went on to ask young adults that don’t own a vehicle if they would like to receive a new car.

At first, the footage shows that students were not that interested in the proposition. Some even started walking faster after hearing what the man had to say. But a young college girl reluctantly accepts. She goes with him to a parking lot where a Ford sedan was waiting for her. That’s when the YouTuber hands her the keys and $1,000 to help with insurance and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) formalities.

Even though she got in the driver’s seat and was informed that a third party was doing all the paperwork needed to get the car into her name, the young lady still couldn’t believe it was true. Eventually, she drove off with a big smile on her face.

The content creator then met with a young man that also didn't have a car. Luckily, this incoming free vehicle recipient was one of his followers and recognized the video maker. He got a Hyundai! The fan was almost speechless, but he made sure to pay for parking before embarking on any other adventure with his new ride.

You can watch what happened with the third lucky person that got a free car and the $1,000 in the video down below. This is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that sometimes it’s good to take a chance or to leave the comfort zone for an outcome that could change your life for the better.

American public transport isn’t that great and most of those living in the U.S. need a car to get from point A to point B on time. It might not look like much to those living in Europe, for example, but having a reliable car is more often than not vital for Americans that are trying to make it.

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