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You Can Drive the Tesla Semi Truck and Roadster II in GTA 5

Teslas are pretty well-known now, but regular folks can't get behind the wheel of either the new Roadster or that mental Semi truck. Fortunately, there's a way to get around that.
You Can Drive the Tesla Semi Truck and Roadster II in GTA 5 3 photos
Want scantly clad girls battling dragons? You get Skyrim mods. But if it's the latest high-performance car, only Grand Theft Auto will suffice. This applies especially when carmakers don't give out the rights to video game developers, like Ferrari and Porsche sometimes do. And I don't think Tesla wants us to run over people in their vehicles.

GTA mods started out all crude and embarrassing, but people are launching mods that accurately depict what they're supposed to now. Why? Maybe for the notoriety, or just for the thrill of it.

This YouTuber decided to mix and match, loading the new Roadster onto the trailer towed by the Semi. Despite a few setbacks, he manages to fill it with six brand new and very shiny electric sportscars that are ready to be delivered to their respective customers.

Of course, the mod isn't perfect, as the Tesla Semi sounds like it's powered by a diesel engine and even has a rev counter that goes up to 5,000rpm.

The truck is supposed to get 500 miles per charge, while the Roadster is said to achieve 620 miles. That's 500 miles at highway speeds and maximum towing weight. Normal trucks will only do 45mph up a 5% grade, while the Tesla will do 65mph.

Why does it look so slippery? Well, that's because it has the drag coefficient of a 0.36, which Tesla boasts is lower than a Bugatti Chiron.

Charging for 400 miles of range takes only 30 minutes at one of Tesla's globally dispersed Megachargers, and it can be done unsupervised while the cargo is being unloaded. The Semi would also be one of the safest trucks in America, thanks to auto emergency braking, lane keeps assist and forward collision warning. Of course, in GTA 5, you just want to do a bunch of crashing and "trucker missions."

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