Monster Tesla Pickup Truck Confirmed to Follow the Model Y Electric Crossover

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The Tesla Semi launch event on November 16 included one slide of a black, ominous and weird-looking vehicle. It had the same cabin as the electric semi truck, but similarities ended there.
Toward the back, it had a slim flatbed that, it was suggested, was large enough to carry a full-size pickup truck, and it had large off-road wheels and significant ground clearance. You could almost say it looked like a futuristic Unimog that suddenly decided to give a damn about aerodynamics.

Elon Musk's presentation didn't just ignore the image, with the CEO spending a few seconds talking about the vehicle as a sidenote. It was revealed to be the Tesla Pickup truck that he had tweeted about before, saying it would be a "mini Semi Truck," which is probably the best description one can make, though it doesn't reflect its grittier nature.

Musk didn't go into technical or performance details as he did for the Semi or the Roadster, but people didn't mind considering how much wow the rest of the presentation included. However, he did say that "you will actually be able to drive that with a normal driver’s license," which he admitted to being "kind of wrong," but he sure wasn't the first one to complain about it.

Even though the majority of the people were happy with everything they had learned about the Semi and the second-gen Roadster, some were interested to know more about the Pickup. Considering it has one fewer axle than the Semi, that means the number of electric motors would have to differ as well. Instead of four, the Pickup is likely to receive three - two for each of the rear wheels and one for the two at the front.

Even with their power toned down a little compared to the Semi, the Pickup should still command an enormous amount of grunt (henge Musk's assessment of being able to drive it with a regular license). Whether that will translate into massive torque or crazy acceleration (or both) remains to be seen.

It looks like we have until at least 2020 to find out as Musk confirmed the Pickup would follow right after the Model Y, which should debut toward the end of 2019. That makes the Tesla model succession as follows: Model Y and Semi electric truck in 2019, Roadster and Pickup truck in 2020, and feel free to insert a Model S refresh somewhere along the way.
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