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Wing Breakers Is the Most Ridiculous Air Combat Racing Game

The name Wing Breaker doesn’t do a good job at describing what the latest game from Slovenian developer Gugila is all about, but if you look at some of the screenshots, it becomes pretty clear that this is one of the silliest racing games ever.
Wing Breakers key art 8 photos
Wing Breakers screenshotWing Breakers screenshotWing Breakers screenshotWing Breakers screenshotWing Breakers screenshotWing Breakers screenshotWing Breakers screenshot
Now, for the most part, Wing Breakers is indeed an air combat racer, but what turns it into a ridiculous game are the animals that you’ll have to fight against while flying your plane. The game wants to be silly, so developers have added unpredictable challenges that players will have to face, such as explosions, attacks, crazy drones, swinging blades, and … crazy animals.

Obviously, flying in Wing Breakers is more dangerous than in real life because you don’t have to watch out for crazy sheep or cows while flying a Cessna. Not to mention that speed and quick reflexes are required to master the art of combat air racing, but even if you’re not good at any of that, it’s impossible not to have fun.

The game promises a large solo campaign, as well as time trials and Grand Prix competitions, so there are plenty of ways to play Wing Breakers and enough content to satisfy even the most experienced combat air racers. Additionally, the game includes both multiplayer and split-screen modes if you want to challenge your friends.

As far as customization goes, Wing Breakers does have tons of plane parts, skins, stickers, and toys that you can use to personalize your aircraft, but you must collect them first while playing either solo or online. You can even customize your home base, not just your planes.

Finally, developer Gugila added a procedural track editor that allows players to create their own tracks to listen to during air racing. It’s something that not many games do, so props to these folks for bringing it to their game.

Currently, Wing Breakers is only available on PC (via Steam), but developers confirmed the game is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at the end of the year.


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