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Who'd Make a Better Sports Car, Jeep or Range Rover?

Maybe we've been stuck inside our homes for too long, and maybe some of that glue we use to assemble model cars have adverse effects. But we kind of want to see sports cars from SUV makers?
Who'd Make a Better Sports Car, Jeep or Range Rover? 3 photos
Who'd Make a Better Sports Car, Jeep or Range Rover?
There's this common conception that companies that make only SUVs shouldn't start developing road vehicles. Somehow, it affects their heritage... or something like that.

But heritage didn't stop Porsche from printing money using the Cayenne. Likewise, BMW got over the initial criticism over the X6 when the profits were in. So now that we got that out of the way, let's establish a few shops that might want to look into a regular car.

One of them is obviously Land Rover/Range Rover. Them developing a regular vehicle defeats the purpose of having sister brand Jaguar. But that didn't stop the Leaper emblem from going onto the F-Pace crossover.

The rendering by superrendercars explores such a scenario in a really funny way. As you can probably tell, we're looking at the post-facelift Range Rover Sport face swap on an F-Type. Maybe it's even the SVR version because it's got the carbon hood.

The amazing thing is both the F-Type and the SVR use the same 5.0-liter engine and an AWD system. So even though they seemingly have nothing in common, they kind of do.

We know Land Rover did look into the possibility of a regular model. It's called the "Road Rover," and we've got a pretty cool 3D concept of it.

Jeep likewise doesn't need to make a sports car. It's part of the bigger Chrysler family that's responsible for your Chargers, Vipers, minivans and even little Fiats. I don't know about you, but I'd love a Grand Cherokee face on a Hellcat. That would be so sacrilegious!


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